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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Well it's Saturday night and I just got paid...

Well, yes it is Saturday night, but I haven't just got paid! (Just love that Elvis song.) Having nothing better to do at the moment, I decided to scan a few items that have been lying around and add to my blogs. Amy has invited me to put my aprons and apron patterns on her Flicker site at Tie One On, but I have had a look at it, and just can't be bothered fiddling around becoming a member of yet another site on the Internet. So, if she is reading this, and would like to 'lift' my pics from here, I am happy for her to do so.
Maggie Ann recently posted some pics of handkies made by her Mum, and Linda also had some on her blog that she found recently, so I decided to add my two little finds. I don't active collect handkies, but I do have a few pretty ones tucked away, that I was going to get rid of - until I noticed on eBay that they were very collectable all of a sudden!
On Patra's Other Place, I have posted a little tribute to 'Scotty' - Patty's beloved cat that died recently.

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