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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Christmas Round Robin in progress.
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Medieval Lady said...

It's so cute. Almost gets me to want some snow. Note: Almost. ;-)

Not to sound dumb or anything but what is a round robbin?
-patty trying to catch up on her blogging. :-)

Gill said...

Looks good! Which one is yours?

Gina E. said...

Hi girls! Patty, great to see you here. A round robin is a kind of sampler done by a group of stitchers (usually 4 to 6 people). Each person starts their own, then sends it to the next person on their list (everyone has the same list). We work something on each sampler that arrives, until our own gets back about 6 months later, with each motif stitched by a different person. Great fun! Julianna, neither of those snowmen is my work. I am stitching a Gingerbread man for the girl whose Robin it is. I hope to finish it this weekend, and will put a pic on here when I do.