"It takes ages to finish a quilt you're not working on!"

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

In the words of Bloggers - EYE CANDY!

I was just about to post pix of my latest eBay acquisition of a pair of pillowcases, but they have peacocks on them, so they belong over here. So you will have to be satisfied with photos of my kitchen and dining room tables this week...hey, that's an idea - I should do this every week! Goodness only knows I have enough cloths to show for another ten years! Here is the dining room, with a close-up pic. following: And here is the cloth on the kitchen table, again followed by a closeup:

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Craft & Quilt Fair 2007, Melbourne.

Today was the opening day of the annual Craft & Quilt Fair at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. I haven't been for a couple of years, but when my friend Cheryl invited me to go with her, I was pleased to say yes. I am glad I did, because it was one of the best of these Fairs I have been to. No photos were allowed in the Hall where all the exhibitors' stands were, but the people in charge of the Quilt Show didn't mind people taking pictures, so I made the most of them.
One small section of the queue for tickets! As those who read this blog will know, I do not dabble in quilting and patchwork, but that doesn't stop me admiring it, and let me tell you, Cheryl and I were both absolutely 'blown away' by the quilts on show today. There was a fantastic array of designs and styles. There was even one dedicated to Elvis: Fabulous colours! One of many quilts with an Aussie theme, this one featuring Lorikeets. Beautiful design in shades of pink. Stunning Stained Glass design. Asian design themes were very popular:

Craft & Quilt Fair.

Apart from admiring the Quilt Show, Cheryl and I spent time on every stall at the Fair, even those that featured crafts that neither of us do, such as scrapbooking and other paper crafts, knitting, quilting, egg decorating, calligraphy (one of my hobbies, but very rarely have time to do much), etc. Today we were focussing on embroidery and cross stitch and this year there was a lot more stalls featuring them than the last time I'd been. There were a few stalls selling craft books and magazines and I lashed out with the faithful Mastercard and bought two cross stitch books...as if I need any more! A lady standing next to me had just bought some books, and I wondered out loud just how much of the material that was sold at these exhibitions is ever made up. I guessed about 30% would actually be used. She turned to me and said "It doesn't matter about doing. It's HAVING the stuff that is important." I agreed!
Here is today's stash (mine that is - Cheryl had much more control than me!)
The two Cross Stitch Books: A cross stitch pattern for a Peacock. The kit included red floss, but I would rather use a peacock blue/green colour, so I just purchased the pattern. Fat Quarter with aboriginal art design. Pam, if you're reading this, I bought this for you. Thought you might like to play with a completely different design!
Three nifty little jiggers to keep the floss sorted when working on one project. I know a lot of girls already have this kind of thing, but I haven't seen them in shops before, so I snapped them up. The yellow bag underneath was a freebie that everyone received with their entrance ticket. All the more incentive to buy stuff, when you're given a bag to carry it in! At the same stand, I bought two glass coasters (not in the photo) - the kind that come apart so you can insert a piece of stitching to show. Cheryl snapped me in the cafe, one leg up on a chair, flaked out after 3 hours walking around!

Monday, July 23, 2007

A weekend of windfalls.

Why do they call it a windfall if you receive an unexpected gift of some kind? I must look that term up in a book that I have, which explains the origin of unusual words and phrases. OK, down to business.
My 'windfalls' this weekend were several bundles of old embroidered articles. We had friends over for dinner on Saturday night, and one of them was an old friend of Ken's. He lives on his own in the family house, and is cleaning out the place in preparation to selling it. He found a pile of linens in a drawer, and remembering what Ken had told him about me collecting them, he put his pile aside for me. Here they are. Once I've washed and pressed them all, I'll scan them for better pictures to put on here. The item on the left is a teacosy which hasn't been made up, and the others are doilies/centrepieces. The next lot came from Ken's Mum on Sunday afternoon. She had a stack of old aprons for me (see Patra's Aprons blog if you want to check them out), and in a plastic bag among the aprons were these little treasures. Again, once they are washed and ironed, I'll put better pictures of each item on here.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

All the way from England.

I found this on eBay in the U.K. It was advertised as a sampler, and the auction picture displayed it in a frame. I emailed the seller and asked if she would send it to me minus the frame if I bid and won the auction. She agreed to do so, so I put my bid in, and won it for about A$12 because nobody else bid for it. The seller emailed me to say she had taken it out of its frame to post, but as it was very fragile, she'd had to pack it in cardboard and bubblewrap. The total including postage came to just over A$20, so it was fine with me, although I couldn't understand why she couldn't roll up a piece of linen, even if it was fragile.
When it arrived on Friday, at first I didn't realised what it was, and it took about ten minutes to unwrap! When I saw it, I knew why she had warned me. It isn't linen, it is perforated paper - something that was used in Victorian times instead of fabrics. I am very grateful this eBay seller was so careful - it is started to break on some edges, and it is watermarked in some places, but my God, when I think how old it is, and how beautiful the stitching is....I'll be taking it to the Guild to ask the Collections manager if she can tell me more about it.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

In today's mail.

This was going to be an apron, but decided it would stay a UFO. I buy these unfinished item with great intentions, but once I see how expertly the original stitching has been done, I just leave it as it is for posterity! No way I could match this! I had a little battle with myself about where I was going to post these photos - should they have been on my Embroidered Aprons blog? No, that is for finished aprons. One day I'll pull all my apron UFOs out of the cupboard and photograph them to put on the blog. Close up of the kookaburra.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My latest eBay win.

There were two items in this auction, but one is a peacock, so I've posted that photo on my Peacocks blog, so go over there if you want to see it (and believe me, even if you don't like peacocks, this is a stunning piece of work). In the meantime, this runner is adorable. It's the first time I've ever seen bears stitched on something. This eBay seller in the USA had some very unusual designs, but even though they were very reasonably priced, I just couldn't afford to bid for more than these two.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Compare this to the centrepiece on the previous photo:

Ken's Mum has given me many of her own UFOs to finish off, some of them about 80 years old. This supper cloth was one such item. She had stitched one corner, but never got around to finishing it, so after a long hunt to try and match the original shades, I finally finished it a few years ago. Imagine my surprise when I discovered this centrepiece on eBay last month - with the same design, but different colours! I'm dying to show it to MIL!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

New additions.

I have three additions to The Collection - an apron, which can be seen on my apron blog, a table centrepiece here: And a suppercloth stitched by the sister of a friend. She gave it to me last Sunday, under protest from me. I said she should hang on to it in case one of her kids said wanted it, but she said they wouldn't care about it, so..