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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Too much reading, not enough sleep (or stitching)

I love to read. I don't read anywhere near as much as most of the people who read this blog; I just don't seem to find enough time. Oh I know - it is a matter of priorities, isn't it. If I really wanted to read more, I would just do less of other things. Well dang me! There is just not enough hours in the day to do ALL the things I want to do! Blowed if I know how people can be bored. I once heard an apt saying on that subject:
Bored people are boring people
Isn't that so true? Oh hark at me - done it again...gone off on another tangent.
What I actually started out to say, was that most of my reading is done when something is worrying me. That is my way of coping I guess - losing myself in fiction or fantasy. With the state of Ken's health at the moment, I have been literally burying my head in books. I whipped through the Harry Potter books that Sharlee lent me, and turned to my bulging bookshelves for further inspiration. Now, I should add here that of all the several thousand books I own, I have probably read less than half of them. I have browsed through them, certainly, and look forward to reading them in full, but...So what do I read to escape my problems? My childhood books!!! At Ms. Robyn's blog, she often discusses the books we read as kids, and Enid Blyton's name crops up regularly. Someone recently mentioned the Malory Towers books, and I felt all warm and fuzzy immediately! So last Friday night at around 11 pm, unable to sleep, and knowing I could sleep in the next day, I pulled out the first of the Malory Towers series and began to read....I got to bed at 4 am. And yes, I slept! Since then, I have been steadily reading through the series, and am about to start the sixth and final book. I chanced to look inside the cover of one of them and found it was published in 1947...if you care to go back nearly 60 years in time to an English girls boarding school, have a look at these dust jackets!
In the meantime, trying to keeping Patra's Place for stitching pix - here is a scan of one of the Xmas Round Robin samplers I am working on. My bit isn't here yet - it will be in between these two Snowmen - one done by a German girl and the other by an American. It is on 14ct Silver lurex Aida. Very pretty.


ms*robyn said...

ooh, I haven't read the Mallory Towers collection.... must look them up.

Lady Laurie said...

I must admit I never heard of the Mallory Towers collection, I was hooked on Little House on the Prarie" books when I was a girl.

AnneS said...

Oh Gina, you really brought back one of the few memories I have of my childhood - we emigrated to NZ when I was just turning 10, and one of the very few memories I retained was having to give up all my Enid Blyton books before emigrating ... I was heartbroken - I used to own every single one of them, and adored each one! Thankfully Mum taught me at a very young age to appreciate books, and I've been an avid reader since. I found it hard becoming a stitcher, because I could only do 'one or the other' - until I heard about talking books ... wonderful things! Now I can kill 2 birds with 1 stone!!
BTW, thanks for your comment on my blog - it's a shame I only got to 'meet' S since moving from the eastern suburbs, but lovely getting to talk about stitching with people who are in the nearby vicinity! Joined the Guild approx 12 months ago, and only made it to about 4 Sat new members meetings until I started full-time shift work - it's now difficult to get to groups, but I'd really love to go along to the blackwork/counted thread group, as that's my main stitching love :-)

Lelia said...

Gina: I love to read. I use the public library most of the time. I don't have a reading "mood" -- but do enjoy reading late late night (after stitching). My favorite kid books are the Narnia series (Lion, Witch & Wardrobe stuff). Winnie-the-Pooh, too. Your e-bay linens are marvelous -- the Assisi-style is very interesting. (not sure how to spell it either)