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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Finally! Some new pictures.

The computer is getting increasingly bad tempered (its owner even more so), but I had a friend around tonight who managed to get the scanner and PC talking again. So I scanned a few items hurriedly while everything was still working, and will attempt to download them on to here. But, I think I will have to give in to those who are trying to talk me into (a) a new computer and/or (b) going to XP (I am using ME at the moment), as this constant freezing is driving me nuts, and the repeated re-booting at the on-off switch is probably causing even more damage inside the hard drive. MOTH is jealously guarding his laptop, so I doubt if I would be allowed to spend hours on that like I do on this one...We had a large desk and another office-style chair delivered today, so our little spare bedroom is now officially "The Computer Room"!, with our computers side by side, along with scanner, printer, CD burner, modems, etc. It all looks very busy!

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