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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Come and play with Topsy - right here!

Until I find someone who can persuade my PC to talk to my scanner again, I am stuck for pictures. Not only do I have pages from the Needlework book below to scan and post, I received a magnificent pair of embroidered pillowcases from the USA today - peacocks of course. Didn't you know the finest peacocks come from there? The embroidered variety, that is. Can't wait to show you! Somebody had some Japanese origami paper on their blog the other day and it reminded me that I had a stack of similar paper somewhere, so I hunted it out, and it is also waiting to be scanned. In the meantime, I found the cutest little animated graphic on another blog, so I copied the link (Linda and Sharlee, you would be proud of me!) and produced Topsy - go and play with her at the foot of my sidebar! If you click on the link you can create your own little animated animals to play with on your blog too.


Peggy said...

I just loved playing with Topsy! I didn't tease too much with the toy. LOL

Rachael said...

wow! thanks for visiting my blog, Gina, and you are not wrong about the addictiveness of e-bay! you have an amazing collection of stitcheries. I might pop in and say hi again! Is Topsy related to Floyd?

Sharon said...

I an very proud of you Gina... Good on you - love 'Topsy'

Gina E. said...

Hi girls, thanks for your visit! Peggy, you can play as much as you like!
Rachael, love to see you again. Pardon my ignorance, but who is Floyd? We got Topsy from the Cat Protection Society as a newborn kitten (well she had grown a bit by the time they let us take her!), so I don't know her pedigree at all!!
And Sharlee, thanks for all your encouragement over the last few months. Couldn't have done any of this blogging without you! (and now look what's happened...I am addicted)

Chloe said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaw. Shucks. Ain't she cute. :)