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Friday, September 30, 2005

Today's eBay wins in the mail!

Today I received two lovely suppercloths in the mail, that I have just won on eBay. What did I ever do without eBay? Saved a heck of a lotta money, that's what! But I wouldn't have such a fantastic collection of linen either. One cloth is a very unusual design in blue cross stitch and stem stitch - it is very close to the Assissi style of work. (Not sure if I put too many Ss in there..) I have several cloths in this style of embroidery, but nothing else like this design.
The other cloth was possibly a Semco design, and again I have heaps of these kind of cloths, but not this pattern. I have only shown one corner, but the whole cloth has Indian motifs around it - wigwams, Indian paddling a canoe, etc. And with a hand-crocheted edge, no less - most unusual for these, as they usually came in a kit with a length of machine-made crochet edging to use.
And just to finish off tonight's scanning exercise, I have put on two more pages from my old Needlework book on as well. If you are interested in Australian wildlife, go to Patra's Other Place to see some photos of one of our most beautiful native birds. I know some of my American friends like to see these.

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