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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Please forward hugs and nice thoughts to our friend.

My friend S over at The Blank Page is having a hard time of things lately. She is due to have an operation shortly, which is hard enough to deal with on its own. But I was talking to her yesterday, and it has just been one thing on top of another - their car 'died', her daughter's computer crashed, and S was verbally abused by an irate customer in the shop where she works.
I'm not sure how many of my blogging friends are popping into Patra's Place these days, but those of you that do will probably know of S, so please take a few minutes to click on the link above, and say hi to her. She needs some hugs! Oh, and it is her birthday on Friday....sssshh - I didn't tell anyone that!


Medieval Lady said...

Hi Gina,
Consider it done!

ms*robyn said...

me too ;)

sometimes life can be just the pits

Gina E. said...

Thanks to all who posted to Sharlee - that is so sweet of everyone! I got a verbal smack (just a small one though) from her tonight - she phoned me to say she had seen my blog, and was embarrassed! I think she was half joking, but I said that she shouldn't feel that way, as everyone in my 'family' of regular bloggers are super-nice, very caring ladies. I feel privileged to have you all reading my blog. Only a few years ago, I scoffed at people who claimed they made great new friends on the Internet, but now...egg on my face!!

Mickey said...

Hello Topsy. Hilarious animation. Embarassed to be having so much fun with it. What fun! Thanks.

Gina E. said...

LOL Mickey!! It is cute, isn't it. Why not get one for yourself? I don't mind if you have a black cat like Topsy on your blog too!

Medieval Lady said...

Hey Gina,
How is your friend?