"It takes ages to finish a quilt you're not working on!"

Monday, May 29, 2017

Projects waiting in the wings.

Now that I have the majority of my fabric stash  sorted out, I can get on with sewing some items that have been waiting for me to find suitable bits to complete them.   Looking back at my post in April, I made an experimental block in scrap fabrics to see what the design I had chosen for the Japanese quilt might look like.  Today I added a navy blue border to match the sashing, and pulled out a dark blue and aqua fish fabric to use as the backing.  This is going to be a coffee table runner for a friend who has recently bought a holiday house near the sea, and as she doesn't sew,  I think she will like this.  If not, I'll keep it for myself - LOL!

I made a throw and two cushions for myself a while ago, and used another piece of the same animal fabric to make a rabbit cushion for a friend.  She loved it, and also liked the bear in the same design.  I'm not into bears at all really, so I am going to make this last piece into a place mat for her.

Can't remember where I got this cat fabric from - possibly the opshop, but could have been given to me by a catloving friend.  I've been meaning to do something with it for ages, and tonight I pulled some fabrics from my scraps box to preview with the cats, prior to making a table mat or runner.

So!  What is everyone else up to?


It is nice to have my missing mojo back.  When I was so indecisive about what to do with the Japanese materials, everything else went on hold too.  One of the things that was really bugging me was the mess my little craft room had got into.  It is only a small bedroom, but I have four bookcases, a filing cabinet, a cabinet holding art stuff, a desk and a cutting table crammed into it, along with boxes of fabric and other craft on the floor because the wardrobe (which has shelves added into it) is crammed with fabrics and sewing notions.

Fabric was spilling out of boxes and the cupboard bulged.  I completely lost track of what I had, and instead of searching for a suitable material for a project, I would simply buy more (great for the Quilt Shop, not so good for my credit card...).  So I decided it was time to declutter.  When surfing Pinterest one day I found a great way of folding any size fabric so it all ended up the same size and could be stacked into a neat pile.  You just cut a template out of cardboard, the size of the box or shelf where you store your fabric, and wind each piece of fabric around it until it fits the template.  I spent nearly a week unfolding, ironing, and trimming boxes of fabrics, and refolding them, and what a difference!  I think I've deleted the "before"photos, but this is what two of  my boxes look like now.
The reason the first lot are in plastic bags is because they are different 'themed' fabrics, ie chooks, cats, teacups, Australiana, etc. and I want to keep them separated so I can pull out a collection without disturbing the rest.

I am so pleased to have my solid colours sorted out!  I didn't realise how many different colours I had, they were in such a mess!

I have two more tidy boxes as well as these, but still have the wardrobe stash to sort out, which is going to be a big job, as the fabrics in there are yardage, not small pieces like fat quarters or half yards.

Japanese fabric Quilt top

Back in April, I wrote a post here about my plans for the fabric my Japanese friend sent me last year.  I had finally got around to cutting them into the sizes I needed to make the blocks, and last Thursday night I took them to the Quilt Shop class, and with the help of our tutor Leanne, and the other people who were there, I moved the pieces around on the design wall until we were all satisfied with the way it looked.  When I got home I couldn't wait to start joining them up, but had to cut the black sashing first, so contented myself with doing that, otherwise I would have been up all night!   The next day I sewed it all together, and am delighted with the result :-)

My next question was whether or not to add a border using the scraps left over from the coloured fabrics, but after discussing it with Ken, several quilter friends, and looking on Pinterest at what others have done, I decided to leave it as it is.  I bought some backing fabric at the Quilt Shop today, and phoned Jenny at Sunrise Quilts, the lady who did such a wonderful job quilting my handkerchief quilt.  I am taking it to her on Thursday, and am looking forward to seeing what she does, as my limited quilting skills (mostly ''in the ditch") won't do those beautiful fabrics justice.