"It takes ages to finish a quilt you're not working on!"

Friday, September 29, 2006

One corner of a tablecloth. Semco put these out around the 1950's I think. The coloured bands on the border are woven into the cloth, and the design stamped on it is stitched in colours to match the border. I have about 6 similar cloths in my collection, and I am really keen on them; they represent such a country kitchen feel to me.
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This is one corner of the most recent card table cloth I have acquired. Most of my card table cloths are dull fabrics, because when in use, on a table where people are constantly moving cards around and their hands are on the cloth, it would be pretty silly to have a white or pale coloured material on the table! This cloth has the same design in each corner except for where the spade symbol is here; the other corners feature a heart, diamond and clubs.
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This doiley is one of a pair, that I have had for a few years. They have been on the mantelpiece, under some ornaments, and I decided they had accumulated enough dust by now, and took them off for a wash. Before I put them away, I thought it was worthwhile to put one on here, as they are very pretty and beautifully stitched.
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This cute little item is a 'handkerchief sachet' - used to keep handkies in so they didn't get mixed up with knickers in your undies drawer! I have a few of these; this one via eBay.
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Something different...this crocheted doiley is one of many family items given to me when Dad re-married. I have no idea who made it, but I know it was used around our home when I was a child, and I put it under a vase or ornament in my own home now.
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Now that it has arrived safely, I can post this picture of my latest XS finish - part of my Chocolate Swap package to Jenny in Kansas.
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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Kitten Days Of The Week transfers.
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I was showing my friend Helen all these transfers and one of the first packet to appear was this one with baby elephants. "Ooooh, I love elephants" she cooed. "Can I borrow these ones?" But as she saw each packets, she became more confused as to which one she liked best. Hey Pam, we know how that feels - LOL!
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Cute vegetable designs.
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Days of the Week teatowel transfers.
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There is a pair of these - presumably for a pair of pillowcases.
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Vintage transfers!

I got a beaut parcel in the mail today from the USA - heaps of vintage transfers - CRIKEY! (good on ya, Steve). Above are pictures of some of the packets. Others are in plain envelopes from companies such as Laura Wheeler, including an entire sheet of peacock designs - WOW! I also have some new table linen which has been washed but not ironed, so I'll get on to that in the next day or so.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Peacocks have gone home.

The four embroidered peacocks that were on this blog have now been transferred to the correct blog - Patra's Embroidered Peacocks (link on sidebar for any new readers here). I have also transferred the comments that MaggieAnn left under each post, so they are not lost forever! I have some new peacocks today that still have to be scanned, but I will put them straight on to the right blog, so if you want to see them, that's where they will be.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Darn it!!!!!!!!

See what happens when I get all excited? No, I don't wet myself...I put all my new linens here instead of posting the peacocks to the Peacock blog. Oh well, not to worry - just means you won't have to jump from one blog to the other to have a look. I'll transfer them across some time in the future.
I was thinking about opening another blog one day - dedicated to my crinoline ladies linen. Doing that would reduce the size of this blog for new bloggers who want to see what I've posted in the past, as well as having all the crinoline lady designs in one spot for anybody who wanted to download copies for themselves.
I also thought about having a blog just for my aprons, but until I start using my digital camera, there's no point in doing that, as most of my aprons are too big to fit under the scanner, so I wouldn't be able to put photos of them online anyway.

Cushion cover on a rather drab fabric which I have attempted to lighten by fiddling with the scanner. There is another small floral design on the right hand side of the material, which the lady appears to be looking at.
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One corner of a tablecloth, which has the lady in the opposite corner, a floral design in the other two corners, and a floral ring in the centre.
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An abundance of peacocks and crinoline ladies!

YEE HAAA! Funny how there's nothing in the mail for a week or so, then all of a sudden it's all there - peacocks from America and crinoline ladies from England! This is just a quick posting to let my fellow stitching fans know that I'll be busy scanning later on, and hopefully will finally have some nice eye candy on here within 24 hours!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Current state of affairs - zilch!

It's a week since I posted anything to this blog, but on the linen and stitching side, there is nothing to write about. I do have some nice additions to my collection, but they are too big to put on the scanner, so you won't see them until I am able to use my digital camera. I have done a few rows of stitching on my Indian Chief cross stitch picture, but not worth recording here. The good news is that I have finished stitching the peacock on a vintage duchess set I have been working on for some time. Now all I need to do is the flowers and other background items, and the set can be washed and ironed, and placed on my dressing table!
For those of you who are looking for eye candy, I have some goodies on the way from the USA and England, so don't give up on me yet!