"It takes ages to finish a quilt you're not working on!"

Sunday, April 22, 2007

My response to recent comments.

Because there are several comments on my posts that I wish to reply to, I am creating a new post to answer them, otherwise my replies get lost in scrolling! Maggie ann: I think most of the bloggers in our sphere are of a similar age group - somewhere between 40 and 60, with a few either side. We seem to have similar opinions and interests, that younger generations would not understand. Pam: I'm happy that you're happy! A peacock stitched by you?? That would be FANTASTIC! Lee-Ann: Ken and I are sorry to hear that Rob caught the bug so badly. Don't mind about the opshop day - there are sure to be many more opportunities to do that! Judy: I have done most of my cross stitch on 14ct Aida, because that is the material that is suppplied with most kits. But I am happy working on 28ct or 32ct even weave, as I love the effect of the material.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Gifts to and from blogging friends.

Pam K and I have been happily swapping this past year - she likes our Aussie magazines and lace, and I like her cross stitch magazines! Today I received these beautiful even weave coloured fabrics 'to play with' as Pam put it....PLAY with? I don't think so - I'm already planning what to stitch on them and it will be in deadly earnest!! And here is some more lace that I found today at Savers - it will be on its way very soon, Pam!

Check this site out - a great tutorial resource!

Whilst surfing everyone else's links, I discovered this fantastic blog which shows video clips of how to work embroidery stitches. There is lots of other embroidery related information on Mary's blog as well, but I know I will be returning to the video library of stitches over and over again, as I've already figured out some of the more complex stitches that I couldn't pick up from books. So if you are like me -love to embroider, but can't get to grips with some of the stitches, visit Needle'N'Thread - I'll bet you will spend much time there in the future!

Crinoline lady traycloth.

One of my closest friends gave me this gorgeous little cloth for my birthday - thank you Sandra! The design is the same at each end.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Flying Ducks centrepiece.

Found this beautifully stitched centrepiece in an antique shop today for $2. They had a couple of table cloths there as well, but not as well stitched, so I left those.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

A very profitable month!

This past month has seen my linen collection expanded quite substantially by various means: Ken's Mum, Opshops, eBay and on Tuesday a gift of UFOs from one of my colleagues at the Embroiderer's Guild. The first Tuesday of each month is my volunteer day in their office, and there are usually one or two other ladies with me. We each have our own tasks, but once the gallery is tidied, and the phone isn't ringing, we sit and stitch, or check out the latest books and magazines in the library. Most of the other ladies know I collect vintage linens, and one of them is also a collector, especially of aprons. On Tuesday she handed me a bag full of items, explaining that she was having a clean out of her stuff and thought I might like some of it. I was so pleased - especially because the two unfinished cloths had all the stranded cotton needed to finish them! Here they are: An unusual centrepiece - quite old I think. One end nearly finished, the other end about half done. It will need to have the edge crocheted. Half finished supper cloth. I'm confident of finishing off this little piece. The only stitches are buttonhole, stem and satin - easy-peasy! And the crocheted edge is beautifully done. Funny how some people used to work the edge before they started the embroidery...a lot of my vintage UFOs are like that. This cloth has only a small amount stitched. The material is a light brown coloured kind of rayon - it doesn't feel like linen or cotton. Closeup of the corner that has been nearly completed. I doubt if I will ever complete this cloth - I couldn't match that fantastic stitching! This is a 'new' completely unworked supper cloth, with a Robin and apple blossom in each corner. Unfortunately, no instructions for colours or stitches, but W. said she will help me work that out. This is a close up of one corner. W. collects aprons like I do, but she decided not to keep this one, so I gained it for my collection.

I've been op-shopping again!

Remember the one I left behind on Tuesday, because I'd run out of cash? Well it was still there today. Now I couldn't leave it behind again, could I? ..and look at what I found today! (Sorry, yesterday - it was Wednesday, and is now Thursday, 1 a.m.) Lace for Pam, ties for Barb, books and linen for me!! I tried a couple of times to photograph this lace, but this is the best of a poor lot. There are two lots of apricot coloured lace, one of pink, and a couple of rolls of white. These are the ties all on the clothes line. Ken has since added a few of his own that he no longer wants - I'm just glad he didn't want any of these in exchange! Pam, I've put close-up photos on Patra's Other Place for you.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Op Shop finds - Vintage UFO's!!!

I hadn't been to our local Brotherhood Opshop for a few months, but decided to check them out today, looking for lace for Pam and ties for Barbara. There was no lace and only a few ties, but surprise, surprise! I found these, for $1.40 each - bargains! Especially the two with the original instruction sheets - very hard to find these days. There was one more, but I only had $5 in my wallet, so I had to leave that. I doubt if it will still be there if I go back in a day or two, but it might be worth checking.