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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Still finding things to post!

Ten minutes to midnight...once I get going it is hard to stop. I am enjoying having my scanner back in use again, as well as the computer not freezing up any more! These two pictures are from my new French Mail Art book which I mentioned a few days ago. Mail art is something that I believe is relatively unknown in Australia, but is more common in Europe. During WW1, French ladies embroidered postcards and envelopes to sell to the Allied soldiers, to send to their loved ones back home. I first saw them on eBay, and the last picture in this series is the only one I was able to purchase. Danielle, who wrote about this book on her blog - has stitched many mail art envelopes herself, and has promised to do one for me. I can hardly wait to receive it! When I do, and see how she has done it, I hope to stitch a few of my own to send off to special friends.


Lelia said...

I did not know how mail art started. I learn something new every day. Our EGA chapter is having a workshop in 2006 - all about mail art. I'd never heard of it until I started seeing them on web logs. Your photos are beautiful.

Lady Laurie said...

Gina,I never even heard of mail art,I think it is fascinating,and these are lovely!