"It takes ages to finish a quilt you're not working on!"

Friday, April 24, 2015

ANZAC Day 25th April 2015

Rooster embroidered tablecloth

I found this cloth on eBay last week and bid for it immediately - wouldn't you?!   I was lucky that there was only one other bid, so I got a bargain.  It is in perfect condition and beautifully stitched, although Ken raised his eyebrows at the colours...pink chickens?  he said.  Never mind, artist's perogative, I replied.  I think it is sweet.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Dare to show your UFOs!

I have been invited to photograph my UFOs for another forum I belong to, and rather than post it there and take up a lot of space on that forum, I decided to post the photos here and provide a link to the forum members to click on if they wish to see these.  Do you find it a bit sad, or depressing, when you look at your UFOs and wonder how on earth you got into such a state?  Maybe you are one of the lucky ones who finishes each project before starting a new one.  I don't have that self control, unfortunately.
So here we go.  This is what the end result will look like, if I finish it.
And this is how much I've done, up until about 10 years ago.  It's been covered up since then to keep it from getting dusty.  And to keep it out of my sight!

Australian cross stitch kit project nearly finished!  All that needs to be done is....
"Australia"! and a few names on the states.

I found this barely started quilt project in a plastic bag in the remnants drawer of the Guild.  Some blocks are completed, many of the components for more blocks are cut out, and there is a heap of fabric left uncut.  Sadly there is no pattern to go by, so if I ever got to make up more blocks from the cut fabrics, it would be a guessing game as to how it is supposed to turn out.

Peacock sampler pattern which I downloaded and started with great enthusiasm many years ago

But this is all I've done.

I have a large collection of neckties that I have been pulling apart and cutting into usable pieces, for years. I had visions of making a quilt of some kind with them, using the 'bow tie' quilting pattern. I got three blocks done, then went on to something else.The fabrics above the blocks are curtain swatches which I plan to use with the ties.

I went through a stage of making Sunbonnet Sue things - patchwork blocks, mug rugs, stitcheries, etc.  Trouble is I never got around to making anything with the blocks! 

The two vintage blocks below were found in an opshop by my friend Sharon who very kindly gave them to me.  I had thought of using them in conjunction with the ones I've done, but the pink background on mine would be completely at odds with the white cotton background of these, so I have another plan for them.

Finally, the doilies.  Each one has its own story, but I'm not going to write all that down here!  The embarrassing thing is that they all have very little needing to be done to finish them off!

So what is your story?  Dare you post your own UFOs on your blog?

Thursday, April 16, 2015

10th Anniversary of my blog!

I've just discovered that it is 10 years since I started this blog.  A lot of water gone under the proverbial  bridge since then!  Some bloggers give gifts to people who leave comments congratulating them on their blog anniversaries, but the last time I made that offer nobody responded, so if by any chance you decide to leave a comment here, sorry!  There's no incentive to do so - ha ha!!

Odds and ends.

Haven't done a lot of sewing lately because I've been distracted with some paper crafting.  But here are a few sewing related things that I've accumulated lately.  Some scraps of peacock themed fabric from Sue over at I Purr Furr to Craft.  She made something with these fabrics and I asked if there was any left over.  Don't know what I'll do with them yet -maybe a set of placemats, mug rugs, or they might even pop up in a crazy patchwork throw!

Below is a beaded necklace that my late mother-in-law made when she was young.  She did tell me how old she was when she made it, but I can't remember now.  Another example of 'should have written it down'..
She gave it to me and suggested as it is damaged, that I might pull it apart and use it in another craft project, but I've kept it intact, and rediscovered it in a drawer last week.  I showed it to someone who is an experienced beader, and she said it is a wonderful example of a certain type of beading (Parisian?) and I shouldn't destroy it.  So I got a piece of acid free board, taped some wadding to it, and found dark blue velvet to cover that, to mound the necklace on.  It will take a while to attach it, as I'll have to sew around the beads very carefully to hold it in place, but I think it is worth keeping, don't you?   Once I've attached the necklace to the padded surface I will take it to a professional framer and get it framed.

Today I found this teatowel in a gift shop for $5.95.   It is machine embroidered on waffle fabric, made in China, and was one of a stack of lovely designs.  OK, it is not a project for me to do, and it isn't even hand done, but you might know how much I love peacocks!   Maybe I should have posted this on my peacock blog...

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Little quick projects.

We have a swap coming up on the Down To Earth forum later this month.  One of the items we are required to make is a bookmark (well, two are to be swapped).  I made four today so that I could choose the most appropriate pair when I find out who my swap partner is.

Last week we bought two more hens for our flock, and as we collected them on Good Friday, Ken suggested we take an Easter egg or something up to the seller, who has become a friend since we've been buying his chooks!  But instead of a chocolate egg, I made him a mug rug.  I think he liked it - hope so!  He can pick which side is the front or the back.