"It takes ages to finish a quilt you're not working on!"

Friday, January 20, 2017

First finish for the year.

 The finished throw using all four animal prints.

 For the back, I used an idea I'd seen on Pinterest where someone had made a table runner from strips and I have been wanting to do the same thing with all the black and white offcuts I have from previous projects, and some that have been given to me (waving at Cheryl).  So instead of a runner, I used them for the back, and threw in a turquoise strip to make it pop :-)

I had just enough turquoise fabric left to make random borders for two cushions, so in a very random way, I have a small fox cushion, a larger owl cushion, and a piece of fabric with a bear that has gone into the stash until I meet someone who likes bears!

Sunday, January 08, 2017

Happy New Year - what are your goals this year?

My goals haven't changed much in the past few years - I just want to try and use up my stash!  And now I have more...is that good or bad?
My penpal in Japan sent me these stunning fat quarters in Japanese fabrics, for Christmas.  They arrived last Friday and I have been fondling them ever since :-)   in between surfing Google and Pinterest for ideas on how to use them.

Here are some photos from Pinterest that I have in mind for my fabrics.  I don't do complex designs as my readers know!  Especially when each piece of fabric deserves to be showcased, and not cut up into small bits.  Some people can do that extremely well, but I'm not one of them.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Black and white animal quilt front

Remember this cushion?  The rabbit is one of four animals on this particular fabric design.  I bought two complete panels, to make my friend a rabbit cushion, and three cushions for myself using the other three animals.  Glenda adores her rabbit cushion, but I haven't made up the other three for myself yet.  But using the other complete panel, I have made up the top for a couch throw, adding turquoise solid fabric to lift the stark black and white.  I am still working on the backing, and of course the matching cushions, which haven't been started yet :-(

Saturday, November 19, 2016

A variety of projects.

I have made this table runner for the Avicultural Society Xmas raffle next week. I used what was left of the Aussie bird fabric that I used in the quilt for the society raffle last year.

Ken's niece mentioned recently that she is a Dog Person rather than a Cat Person, and I remembered that I had this scrap of doggie fabric in my stash. So this will be her Xmas present.

I finished the mediaeval fabric runner, but am not happy with it. I chose the yellow fabric for the border, thinking it would match the yellow tones in the feature fabric, but it doesn't do much for the runner at all. Somebody suggested I used lace to embellish it, so I put a row of lace with blue ribbon threaded through, down the middle. Then I added another lace to the border, trying to sew it between the front and the backing fabrics, but I stuffed up the corners and had to cut them. AAAAAGH what a mess! Oh well, the whole thing was just a way to used up some stash in a hurry, so it's not going anywhere out of this house. It will probably be folded up and put at the bottom of a pile of other experiments which never see the light of day! Do you have many any of those?

Hoping this project will be more successful than the runner. I bought this cute fabric at one of the stitches and craft shows a year or so ago. It can be used in several ways, making up a picture by joining up the individual owl groups, or making separate place mats, mug rugs, etc.

I chose to make up a picture using them all. Next thing is to add a border or two, and backing, and ta da! Another wall hanging.

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Rabbit cushion finished.

I think my friend will be pleased with this cushion.  I'm glad I got two lots of this fabric, as I fancy a couple of cushions like this on our couch!

Remember the odd medieval design fabric I pulled out of my stash a few weeks ago, after I was inspired by a table runner that I saw on Pinterest?  I happened to have just the right coloured fabrics in my stash to add some borders and make up a runner in a similar style.
This is a closeup of the fabric so you can see the detail, and understand why I chose the deep pink and blue solids for the borders - it matches the clothes worn by most of the people in the pictures.

Here is what I have done so far.  Now I need to decide whether to add another border, or simply quilt and bind it as is.  What do you think?   Hmmm,. now I see it on my screen, I am thinking I should have done this a bit differently.  I should have used the pink right around the picture fabric as well as the centre and sides, and added the blue as a complete border.  Might have to do some unpicking here!

Sunday, November 06, 2016

A week later.

Well, I'm rolling along nicely.  In fits and starts as always though - depending on what is planned (or not) as each day dawns.  Some days there is nothing in the diary, and I think YES!  A day of crafts.  But there may be a surprise phone call, or the Man Of The House decides that we need to go somewhere...Ah well, there is always the night time when he has gone to bed and all is quiet.
Today was quiet though, because he hasn't been well, and stayed in bed all day which left me free to work and play to my heart's content (after I'd tended to his needs, of course).

So I was able to cut out and made four more teacup coasters, although one turned into a teapot coaster, because I cut the teacup fabric the wrong way up and it would have looked all wrong with the cups design upside down.  I think it looks quite cute though, so I might make some more like that.
The two on the right hand side are made from plain red and dark green (not black as it looks here) Xmas fabrics with a gold printed star design.

In my last post here I mentioned making a cushion for my friend Glenda, using some rabbit fabrics.
I was intending to use this as the front, and another rabbit fabric on the back, but it would have been wasted on the back, so I called Glenda to see what she would like me to make this up as, and she decided she would like it as a cushion.  So I will be making it up with a plain homespun backing, and the other bunny fabric will be used to make another cushion also with a plain back.  She loves bunnies!

The rabbit on this fabric is one of a set of four of these unusual designs on fabric that is available at our Quilt Shop.  There is a rabbit, fox, bear and owl.  I have added the black and white border from my stash.  Still thinking about what to made with the other animals.  Not keen on foxes or bears, so I might make them into placemats or something, and give them away, but the owl will be made up into something for me of course :-)

Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween tomorrow!

I finished my table centre today, and have put it on the kitchen table ready for tomorrow's Halloween.  Not that we do anything different, apart from have a bag of sweets to give to any passing witches or wizards, but we never know if anybody is going to turn up, so I don't go overboard with that because we have to eat them if they aren't given away!
I used black to bind the mat, and used an orange and black fabric from my stash for the backing.

Right....what is next on my sewing agenda?  Well, I made a couple of coasters with cat fabric, and gave them to my niece's teenage daughters yesterday, and they loved them.  Their Mum is more of a Dog Person, so I have decided to use some more of the doggie fabric in my stash and make her a table centre for Christmas.  
I want to make more of the Teacup Coasters in Christmas fabric to have on hand for little extras in the coming months, and I've promised my friend Glenda that I would make her a cushion with the rabbit fabric she gave me some time ago.  I also have the Pacific Rim silhouette wall hanger to finish, but that's going to be a long term project I think.  Well, at least put off until next year when I have more time.  It won't be a UFO - I really do want to have it finished and up on a wall somewhere!  But there is a lot of stitching to do, and if I get going on that now, it will mean that all the other gifts and things I want to do before December will be delayed.

Simple Living Forum Xmas swaps.

On the Down To Earth Simple Living forum, there is always something happening!  At the moment many of the members are exchanging handmade gifts for Christmas.  I received this lovely tote bag from V. in Qld.

In return, I have made for her these items:  a plain tea towel (or hand towel) embellished with a scalloped edge and ric rac, and a Teacup coaster using the same fabric that I use for the scalloped edging.