"It takes ages to finish a quilt you're not working on!"

Saturday, February 23, 2019

My first post here for 2019!

It has been a busy six months for me, with health issues dominating both our lives.  Ken was very ill late last year, but with new medications and exercise program,  he has improved enough to carry on a fairly normal but quiet life.  I have had problems with osteo arthritis in my knees, but am coping with that with the help of osteopaths and physiotherapists, and am determined not to go down the track of operations on my knees!
My Christmas raffle quilt for the aged care facility was greatly appreciated, and the raffle was won by one of their residents, which is nice because it will stay in the facility.  I haven't started any more quilts for them this year because I have been focussing on the memory quilt for my friend's mother's 90th birthday.  I got it finished a week before her birthday on 31st January, and both mother and daughter were delighted with it!   I would rather not do 'commissions' because of the time frame limitations, and the worry that the recipient might not like the finished product.  But there was no problems with this one.

The Home Makers Forum have a craft challenge this year which is proving enormously successful.  One of our members came up with the idea of each person listing 12 of their UFOs and numbering them.  She would then provide a number on the first day of every  month, and we would have to work on that numbered project on our list.  It is a great incentive.  My January challenge was a calligraphy project, so it isn't appropriate for this blog, but my February project is a cross stitch item which I started a few years ago but put aside while I concentrated on quilting!  I was very happy to dig it out and work on it this month.  Not finished yet, but should be by the end of February :-)

I've also been doing some recycling.  Ken buys bird seed and chicken feed in 20 kg bags, which are called feedsacks, and made from some kind of toughened plastic.  I have seen tutorials on the Net where people made tote bags from these  feedsacks, so I thought I may as well use ours for that purpose instead of throwing them away to end up in landfill.  As fast as I make them, somebody wants one, and I've been given a dozen feedsacks by another bird keeper friend, so that is keeping me busy too!

Monday, December 10, 2018

Raffle Xmas quilt finished

Here it is with green binding.  Decided on that instead of red, and it makes a nice contrast.

Sunday, December 02, 2018

Christmas quilt for nursing home raffle

My husband Ken has been very ill in recent months, so I haven't had a lot of spare time to myself.  But I'd promised to make a quilt for the Christmas raffle at Liscombe House, so with the help of my lovely friends at the Quilt Shop class I attend once a month, I managed to put this together in a few days.  This is the top basted to the wadding and back, and I plan to quilt and bind it this weekend to get it to Liscombe House next week.  I emailed the co-ordinator this picture, and she emailed back to say it is 'awesome'.  Guess that means she likes it, lol!

Friday, October 19, 2018

Lap quilts gratefully received.

Linda Steele commented on my post about the last lot of quilts I had completed, and remarked that I was doing well to finish five quilts!   I think I need to remind readers of this blog that I only make SMALL quilts - baby or lap size!  They don't take long to whip up.  Well, a couple of weeks for each one, although if I lived on my own and had nothing else to do, I could probably finish one in a day.  But I don't, so it takes a bit longer, lol!

I delivered those five to Liscombe House earlier this week and the staff and residents alike were delighted.  I suspect they thought after the first lot that I wouldn't be back so soon, if at all, but there I was :-)   The Activities co-ordinator asked me if I would be prepared to make a larger (as in single bed size) quilt for their Christmas raffle and I said I would be happy to do that.  I will make the top, then take it to Jenny Jamieson who has done such a great job on quilting all my other 'big' quilts, to do the quilting.  I have just made a Christmas quilt top for myself, which is going to be a table cover rather than a quilt, as I've used very thin wadding to give it some body without needing warmth.

I still have heaps of Christmas themed fabric, so this new project will give me the chance to use a lot of it up!  Mandy wants it by the end of November, and if I made a start soon, it shouldn't be a problem.

Christmas is coming!

For a change I got an early start on Christmas hand made gifts this year!  Some of them are for a swap on the Home Makers Forum, but once I'd started making those, I kept on sewing, so I will have some items to give people as last minute gifts if needed!
The first group are an oven mitt, two hotpads and a coaster, all made from some Christmas kitty fabric that was given to me a while ago.  There was a couple of yards, so there is still plenty over to make more things for my many cat loving friends!

This tea towel is a simple applique job.  I found the free pattern online and as I have a few plain tea towels set aside for embellishing in some form, I used one of those.

The next item is a bit different.  It is a little holder to put a gift card in, to give someone, rather than just in an envelope or card.  A cute gimmick!

Monday, October 08, 2018

NOTY Quilt Show October 2018

I went to the North Of The Yarra (NOTY) Quilt show last weekend, and took quite a few photos of the gorgeous quilts on display.  You can see them here on my other blog:

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Five lap quilts complete.

I don't make these quilts to a specific size - I simply use what fabric I have available, and cut the backing to fit, mostly from sheets, flannelette for warmth.  Most of the fabrics in the quilts above were sets of fat quarters, and have been given to me as part of an exchange on the HomeMakers
Forum, or simply as a gift because they knew I am a quilter.  People are so nice!

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Two months later...

I haven't achieved a lot since I posted the last lot of photos on July 31st.  The last four lap quilts have been finished and are waiting to be delivered to Liscombe House, and I have another two which only need the binding to finish them off, and I am hoping to do that tomorrow.  So I will wait until I've finished them completely before I post photos here. 

I was planning to do the binding today but got side tracked when I was searching for some fabric to make a tote bag for a swap on the HomeMakers forum.  I found what I wanted (the recipient specified vegs and chook fabrics) so I put the vegie fabric on the front, and  a little chook piece on the back.  I should confess that I don't make tote bags from scratch - I use canvas bags with advertising on, and cover the print with my fabrics!

While I was looking for those fabrics, I re-discovered three pieces of Halloween fabric left over from some projects a year or so ago.  With Halloween coming up, I decided to use these fabrics up so I won't have to look at them again in my stash.  I used the 'cheaters binding' technique on these mug rugs, and the coaster was the first one, which is a mess, but it's not going anywhere outside my  home, so....