"It takes ages to finish a quilt you're not working on!"

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Back to cross stitching

My quilting has come to a temporary standstill, as the September Quilt shop class was cancelled due to lack of numbers (school holidays), and I was going to pin the backing and wadding on two quilt tops that night.  Hopefully I will do that and more in two weeks time when the next class is scheduled.  Much easier to do it there on their big tables instead of messing around here at home.

I've been focussing on catching up with some embroidery and cross stitch UFOs, and am very pleased with myself for getting so much done on these baby Lorikeets.  I've had the kit for years, it is only a small picture, but so many colours are in it and on 18ct aida too, so after I did a small bit when I first got the kit, I put it aside for something easier at the time :-(

I have been very tempted to drop it at the opshop, but it was one of the Challenge projects on the Home Makers Forum this year, and after doing a bit more work on it, I decided it was worth keeping, so this is where I am at now.  Only the branch, birds feet and tails to go.

Wednesday, October 02, 2019

September finishes, October plans.

The two bird quilts that I made last month (kookaburras and parrots) were greatly admired at the Avicultural meeting last week.  I took them to show the ladies who are in charge of the Xmas raffle to see if they would like one of them.   They loved the parrots quilt and were a tad disappointed when I said that I loved it too much to part with it now, but they said they would be very happy with the kookaburra quilt instead.  I have some more Aussie bird fabric now, and will make another quilt top to show the ladies at the next meeting, and if they like that, they can have it instead of the kookaburras, which I would probably donate to Liscombe House aged care, where I sent all my quilts last year.

The quilt top with the opshop stitchings has now had the title added, but I am going to add a small border before adding wadding and backing, and binding in black.

For a long time I have admired photos of a small wall hanging, seen in craft magazines, but I was never able to locate a pattern.  A few weeks ago I was in an opshop, rummaging around in a box on the floor, which was full of all kinds of patterns and kits.  Lo and behold, there was the unopened kit for the wall hanging I've been looking for all those years!  Original price on the packet was $19.50, I got it for $1.90 :-)
Despite all the other projects waiting to be done, I couldn't wait to make up this little kit, and I finished it last night.

Our UFO monthly challenge on the Home Makers forum has indeed been challenging to all the participants, but I  think I speak for all of us when I say what fun it has been to rediscover all those forgotten discarded projects, and either finish them off or at least made headway on them.
I have finished several of mine, others are works in progress, and two were not even worked on because life got in the way, but that's okay.  We are doing the challenge again next year, so those projects that are still UFOs will probably be on next year's list.

I had a photo of this quilt a few posts ago, but it was draped across the couch and the light was bad, so I thought it was worthwhile posting a better photo of it.  Another quilt destined for Liscombe House, but reluctantly, as I've fallen in love with this one!

Thursday, September 12, 2019


I'm on a bit of a roll with my quilting!  Here are some photos:
The first one has had a title added to the top since I took this photo.  It is called "Abandoned At An Op Shop" which I have hand stitched in chain stitch on a calico background.  I have collected all those little embroidered items at opshops over the years (some have been given to me by friends who found them), and rather than frame them all separately which would cost a fortune and I haven't got the space on our wall anyway), I decided to put them all on a wall hanging.  I've had this project on the back  burner for a few years, but it was the item selected for a monthly UFO challenge I am participating in, so it had to be done!

The tie quilt now has a border.  I used the remainder of the ties on the quilt  by cutting them into lengths, joining the strips and cross cutting them.  I've very happy with this, and have the backing ready to complete it soon.

This is an awful photo unfortunately.  The standard lamp messed up the colours for the camera and no amount of fiddling has fixed it.  I'll have to take another photo outside in daylight.  I was going to donate this quilt to the aged care home, but I really like it on our couch, so am going to keep it.

Monday, August 19, 2019

Three small quilts finished.

Finally finished three of those small quilts.  The fourth one still has to be quilted, because the backing was not one piece of fabric - I  had to join two pieces to make it large enough, so that has delayed the process.  But that is done now and the three layers are ready to  be quilted.  In the meantime:

The kookaburra quilt has a binding of dark brown.  Maybe I should have added another border on to the light green, as it looks kind of unfinished to me, but too late now.

   Am very happy with the parrots quilt.  I was going to donate this to the Avicultural Society for their Christmas raffle, but might make another one because I want to keep this one for us!

I had run out of the red fabric, which I would have liked to use for the binding on this, so I used a dark green instead, which picks up the dark green in one of the block fabrics.

Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Progress over the past month.

I sometimes wish I could be like other crafty people, and finish one project at a time, instead of having half a dozen on the go at once.  But I'm not, so this is what I have been doing since I last posted here.
I have quilted the four small quilts I posted pictures of last month and they are now waiting for the binding to be done, and that will be soon, as once I get this close to finishing a quilt, I dislike seeing them lying around unfinished.
I finally got my Australia cross stitch framed, and am happy with the way it looks on the wall in our lounge room.

In spite of those four quilts waiting for their binding, I started making blocks for another quilt yesterday!  I had been browsing Jenny's tutorials on the Missouri Star Quilt company You tube channel, and discovered one on making a quilt using men's ties.  This one was much easier than the small quilt I made earlier this year which involved a lot  of cutting and sewing of the individual ties.
Jenny simply cut short her ties and stitched them onto a background using an old shirt.  How  easy is that!  Had all these done in two days.  I don't know when I will get around to joining them up, as I have decided to add another row, but it was such fun, and I have now used up nearly all the ties I had in my stash - and that's got to be good!

I've also being doing a bit of cross stitch, trying to finish some of my very old UFOs, but that is slow going due to my arthritic hands.  Never mind, I'll get there one day.

Monday, July 08, 2019

Using up my stash!

I have been given so much fabric by generous well meaning friends and acquaintances over the years, I sometimes look at it in despair and close the door of my sewing room.  For a few hours anyway.
Then I get a spurt of making quilt tops from patterns that I have on hand, or seen on the internet.
Here are three tops I have made recently, waiting to be made into lap quilts or throws.
The first one uses Kookaburra themed fabric that I bought at a country patchwork shop a few months ago.  The green fabric was in my stash, and the pattern is from a series of postcards available at the Quilt Shop in Eltham.

This top was the result of a near disaster.  I started making a pattern using the parrots fabric which needed to be cut horizontally.  It wasn't until  I had cut three lengths that I realised I had decapitated half the birds on the cutting line.  No way could it be used, so I ended up fussy cutting all the strips into 8" squares, buying some fabric that matched them well enough to make a simple top of 8" blocks.

I had a heap of fat quarters, some matching, some random, that I wanted to use up, so I threw them all together in another pattern from a postcard, again buying the yellow "gunge' fabric from the Quilt Shop for the sashing and border.

The bird themed tops will be offered to the Avicultural society as quilts for their Christmas raffle, and the last one will probably go to the aged care facility that I was making quilts for last year.  I haven't done any for them yet this year, and with winter upon us now, I should get my mojo going.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Laundry Rules and a small quilt top.

I cut this pattern from a magazine years ago, and have finally got around to making it.  I was looking for something quick to do, rather than start another quilt.
  After completing that, I looked at my mountain of fabric stash, sighed, and looked for a pattern that would use up a bundle of fat quarters that were given to me by various friends.
The pattern is on a postcard, one of a series of 'quick quilts' that I bought at The Quilt Shop in Eltham.  I've made a few of them, and this is one more to cross off the list.  It is just a throw, not a full bed size quilt as on the pattern.  You know me, I don't do big quilts, lol!
It needs to have the backing and binding added, but there is no hurry.