"It takes ages to finish a quilt you're not working on!"

Sunday, May 01, 2016

Two quilts finished.

Well, not quite, but as good as finished.  The photo below is of the small opshop UFO quilt with the binding clips holding it in place ready to hand sew.  I completed that this afternoon and am very happy with it, even though I decided not to used the HSTs I'd started making.  They were just too damn fiddly and I figured the quilt looks just as nice without them.  It is now residing on the back of the couch in the lounge room and looks much better than the one it replaced, which was very pretty with bright colours, but didn't really suit our decor. 

This is the handkie quilt which I am delighted with now that it has been professionally quilted!  Jenny of Sunrise Quilting did a fantastic job.  The binding was pinned to the quilt when I took this photo yesterday but I have already hand sewn one side of it and hope to finish it in the next day or so.

Today I went to the Embroiderers Guild for the first time in over a year.  I had resigned from my volunteer role at the office, due to external factors, but I still miss going there, seeing the monthly displays, and the friendly chit chat with the other members.  This exhibition held a particular attraction though, and I was determined to get there.  The exhibits were from the Guild's Asian Collection, and included a wall hanging that Ken's Mum had donated to the Guild a few years ago.  I had it at home for a short while but it was so unique I felt it shouldn't be locked away any more in a private house, and Mum agreed with me.  So I collected Ken's sister Lorraine on the way over there, and we had a lovely time looking at the exhibition as well as admiring "our family wall hanging"!There was a notice stating no photographs allowed, but I had my membership badge on, and when I explained to the lovely gallery hostesses that we had donated that hanging, we were allowed to take a photo of it.  Wish I could have photographed all the other items too; they were all absolutely breathtaking. Sunday was the last day unfortunately.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

A few notes:

I have finally posted all the photos I took at the Quilt Convention on Friday.  I have altered a few posts on that blog, as well as this blog, so if you have time, do go back and have another look if you are interested.

I got a message from Jenny at Sunrise Quilting - my handkie quilt is finished!  Can't wait to see it!  This morning I bought more of the blue fabric that I'd used for the sashing, as I will use that to bind the quilt when I get it, hopefully early next week.

My friend Glenda LOVES the snow scene table runner that I made for her.  She has been putting it all over her house, on the piano, on the coffee table, kitchen table, she can't make up her mind where to put it :-)

Playing with my new toys.

Hi Jane, Sharon and Shawne, nice to see you popping in so regularly.  Motivates me to keep posting about my sewing adventures :-)
Today I spent some time playing with my new quilting ruler/templates.  Here is what I came up with using the Wave ruler.  I cut two pieces of fabric (sorry they are both yellow, one should have been darker for contrast,duh) with one straight edge and one wavy edge.  Then I machined them together.  The first photo shows how I sewed the straight edge of one piece to the top piece, using one straight line of stitching sewn on the other (wrong) side.
The second photo shows how I used zig zag, then blanket stitch to join the same fabrics, but by sewing on the wavy edge of the top fabric.

Then I cut two more pieces and sewed them together on the straight edge.  I just wanted to see what I could do, that gives me ideas of what I might achieve using better coloured fabric and various stitching.

Then  I played with my Scalloped edge ruler.
I'm glad I stayed to watch Robyn, the demonstrator, as this was a bit more tricky.  I made a scalloped edge using different fabrics the way she showed.  It makes a lovely edge and I think I might use this for a cushion.  I took a photo of the cushions she had made, and I'll post one here.
So this is my scalloped edge.

I was going to discard the offcuts, but played around with them too:

Here is Robyn at her stall, with a beautiful crinoline lady quilt behind her.  She is a lady after my own heart - specialising in old fashioned embroidery designs :-)
 And here are Robyn's pillows - aren't they gorgeous!

If you want to know more, you can visit her website at Bella Embroidery Designs.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

2016 Australian Quilt Convention.

In the past when I go to craft shows I  usually go with a friend, but this year everyone I asked about going to the AQC was either working or doing something else, so I went on my own.  With apologies to the friends who have accompanied me on previous occasions, it was much better without company!  I arrived at 10.30 am and set off to look at the sellers stands first before inspecting the Quilt Show.  I was able to browse the stands at my leisure without distractions, and I found everything that was on my shopping list.  I had been keeping a note for the last month, of things I wanted that aren't available in the local shops, and I knew I'd find them at the AQC. 

Around 12 noon I was started to feel hungry, so headed over to the eating area, but all the tables were packed, and there were long queues to the coffee and food stands.  So I decided to look at the quilts instead and it was just as well because otherwise I would have missed out on a very interesting talk by"Brenda Gael Smith,  the curator of one of the show categories "A Matter Of Time".  There were 32 entries from Australia, USA, UK and New Zealand.  Several of the quilters were there to give a brief talk about their work, and I was privileged to hear my favourite quilter Linda Steele, explain how she created her stunning quilt "Life On The Reef".   Here she is pointing out some detail on the quilt.

I took about 40 photos and will post them on my Needlecraft Shows blog shortly.  I have posted about half of them now, and I will do another post here when I've completed them.  In the meantime, here are my purchases.  Spent a lot more than what I'd planned of course...but as it is the day before my birthday, Ken was forgiving!

1.  Wave ruler that I saw demonstrated last year, but the rulers were sold out before I could get one. Now I can't remember what to do with it!  Never mind, I'm sure I'll find something on YouTube.
The other is a scalloped edge ruler, which was being demonstrated as I was walking past the stand on the way out, so I stopped and watched.  Can't wait to make something with it!  The lady had a lovely cushion cover and other items which she allowed me to photograph.

2.  I  had a small rotary cutter but it broke, and even though it has been put together again, it is a bit wobbly, so I bought this one along with the wave ruler, because I'll need it to use that ruler.

These weren't on my list, but I do need them to complete other projects.  The Japanese print will be perfect for a border for a Japanese panel I've had for a while.  And I have been after clouds fabric for years, to make a cute pattern with umbrellas appliqued over it.  Can't wait to do that now!

These weren't on my list either, but how cute is this owl panel!
 I have more than enough cats fabric, but couldn't leave this behind.  Just as well there were no chook fabrics anywhere this year!
   Classic bike fabric to keep the husband happy....

I've seen these old time prints in advertisements before, but when I saw what the stall holder had done with them to embellish them, well, they joined my other purchases, didn't they.

One stall had thousands of laces, ric rac and braids.  I always stop and look but haven't bought any in previous years because I have so much in my stash.  But I don't have any Elvis braid!  Do now though ;-)

And here is what it looked like as the day wore on.  I thought the first day would be quiet, but no, it was busy.  Hate to think what it will be like on the weekend, just glad I won't be there!

Saturday, April 02, 2016

Easter Bunny table mat finished.

To finish this off, I added some bunny braid which had been sitting my stash for years.  The green fabric for the borders and back was left over from another project last year.

I just posted a pic to my apron blog here of an apron I have made for a swap on the Down To Earth Forum, if anyone is interested.
My handkie quilt top is finished and waiting to be taken to a professional quilter, hopefully next week.  The UFO quilt has come to a standstill at the moment, because I am too lazy to continue making up all the little blocks left over from the Flying Geese blocks.  I have a stack of them which all need to be trimmed down to 2"square, and after doing a dozen I thought, no way, this has got whiskers on it (meaning it's too much trouble to keep going!).  And there aren't enough to go all around the quilt once they have been trimmed, so it means I would have to cut more fabric up to make more HSTs.  So I am just going to put another border on it, then finish it.  I am not really concerned about the end result, as it was just somebody else's UFO that I took on as an experiment, and while I have learned from it, the novelty has worn off and I want to move on to other things!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Other WIPs.

My Easter Bunny stitchery is all done, just need to add border fabric.  It was just a bit of simple stitching as a break from other bigger projects, so I have no plans for it other than to make it into a mat for the coffee table.

My friend G. will be over the moon with the snow scenes runner that I completed last week!  Hope to give it to her after the Easter weekend.
   I think I forgot to post pics of this apron when I made it.  It was for a swap on the Down To Earth forum, for a lady in Glasgow, Scotland.  I discovered she is an Elvis fan, and I had this fabric in my stash, so I whipped this up for her.  She LOOOOOVED it - lol!

Progress on UFO quilt.

Last week at the Quilt Shop UFO workshop, Leanne and I played around with my completed blocks until we agreed on a layout.   Then we discussed how I could do the borders.  I took photos with my Ipad but can't post them here (computer illiterate after 15 years, lol) so I took some photos at home once I had sewn all the blocks together and added the first border.  I am restricting myself to only using the fabrics that were in the bag when I found the makings of this quilt.  I had enough of the small print burgundy/green fabric to use for the first border.   Leanne suggested I used all the half square triangles to make the second border, as I had already sewn them into 2 inch squares.  But I doubt if there will be enough to go all around the quilt, so I will just add them to the top and bottom.  The third border will be the plain green, as I have enough of that to do the backing as well.  The binding will be in a small length of burgundy which was in the bag and probably intended for binding anyway.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Current projects.

Like most of us, I have a few things on the go at the moment.  The two quilts are in limbo for a short time.   I am going to get the Handkie quilt professionally quilted as I think it will look better.   I've been given the name of a lady not far from me, but she is overseas at the moment, so I will wait until she returns.

The UFO quilt blocks are all done, and I laid them out on the floor to see how they would look when sewn together.  The blocks might not be laid out exactly as they are here, as the centre flowers are slightly different, and could be better organised than this.

I was going to use the green fabric to put sashing between all the blocks, but I realise now, looking at this, that it doesn't need sashing at all.  So I am planning to add several borders, in the green and maroon fabrics, with another maroon material for the binding.  There is a lot of the green fabric left, so I might even have enough to use for the backing.  This will all be decided next Thursday night at the Quilt Shop, when the next UFO workshop will be held.

Sharon and Alison at the Quilt Shop had some fabric samples spread out on a table last week, and invited us to take any we wanted for 50 cents a piece.  I found some lovely bits, including a couple of panels.  I made up this table runner from the pictures that were printed next to each other.  I separated them, and used green fabric from my stash for the borders.  I will bind it with black, and give it to a friend who loves the snow scenes because they remind her of where she grew up.

I found a cute Easter Bunny stitchery in an old magazine recently, and as I felt like doing a bit of light stitching for a change, I decided to have a go at it and see if I could finish it before Easter (this year...)  I got quite a bit done at the Sit and Sew session this morning, and hope to finish it next week, so I can put it out on display by Easter!  Not that anyone else will see it, but I'll feel good about it - ha!  This pic was taken last week, so the eggs have more colour  on them now.

Monday, March 07, 2016

Handkie quilt top finished.

It was a great help to be able to put my handkie blocks on the design wall at the Quilt Shop last Friday.  Sharon (one of the owners) moved them around until she thought they looked about right, and I took some photos before I took them off the wall.

There were two extra blocks, and when I got home, I had another look at the photo, and decided to replace one block in the layout with one of the extra blocks.   Other than that I didn't change anything, and got to work finishing the sashing and the border. I'm not going to quilt this one myself, as I think it needs professional quilting on the proper machines, to make the most of it.  I would just quilt around the edge of each block, or diagonally through them, and I don't think it would look as nice.
Here is Ken holding the top up for me in the kitchen at 1 am this morning!