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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Time to get on with my life...

The situation in the USA seems to be starting to improve, so I am feeling a bit happier now. Still watching Fox News and seeing how hard people are working to help the less fortunate. Texas have got big hearts along with their biggest state - God bless them all. Of course other states have been just as kind and generous - all typically American. I often think it is a shame that some of their tv programs that are shown here are such trash; they give other countries a bad impression of themselves. Completely unrealistic; I have nothing but good memories of my experiences over there - kindness and generosity in abundance, once they heard our Aussie accents! But I am digressing yet again. I only wanted to mention that I have scanned some of my latest linen, and here it is - enjoy! Oh, and by the way, in keeping with my pledge to keep this Blog more for my linen and stitching, I have put some more photos on Patra's Other Place too - from my grandmother's photo album, and some French postcards I found while cleaning out a cupboard. NOT the naughty kind!


Isabelle said...

Gina, I so agree. I had exactly the same impression as you when I was in the US (I lived there for a year). American people have such big hearts and wonderful feelings. And what we see from their media is such trash.
God bless and help them!

I love your new linen pictures - I am fond of crinoline ladies and sunbonnets, and yours are just so beautiful. Thank you for sharing Gina.

Gina E. said...

Hi Isabelle, thanks for dropping in. Glad you are enjoying my linen - comments like yours and others will keep motivating me to put more on here...thank goodness we don't have to pay for these blog facilities!!!

Isabelle said...

You are so welcome Gina. I enjoy reading your blog - I'm always sure to get eye candy whenever I visit ;o)

I agree with you, blogs are great - and so democratic, since you don't need to pay a penny for it.