"It takes ages to finish a quilt you're not working on!"

Monday, May 28, 2007

Kitten doiley incomplete.

I put this picture on to my other non-stitching blog in error yesterday but as there are comments on it already, I'll leave it there, and just reproduce it here, for those readers who just look at this blog for my linen. As this was given to me with no embroidery instructions, I'm taking the easy way and just using the basic stitches like lazy daisy and outline stitch. Poor kitty looks a bit cross-eyed because of the way the black stitching lies on the yellow of the right eye! I had to use my limited imagination with colours too...a red plush velvet couch sounded nice, and kitty is black because we have a black one of our own. I'm still not sure what colour to do the flowers. With the red couch, purple cushion, and green leaves, I'm reluctant to bring too much more colour into it. I thought a yellow/orange combination. Any suggestions?

Sunday, May 27, 2007

What's new, pussycat?

Well, I've done a bit more on the Indian, but I won't photograph it again until it's worth looking at. You would have to look closely to see what I have done since the last picture I posted here a couple of weeks ago. I can't carry this project with me if I go somewhere like a doctor's waiting room - it is far too big. So I carry a smaller project in my handbag, and in the last six months that has been an old doiley someone gave me, with a cat on a couch, surrounded by flowers. I've done about half of it now, and I wasn't going to post a photo until it is finished, but this blog has been so dead lately as far as pictures go, I may as well scan the doiley and post it here, just to liven the blog up a bit!
Good news for you apron lovers! A while ago, I was thinking about splitting this blog into a number of blogs for different themes or articles. I got all my aprons out recently for a show, and haven't hung them up again yet. So I decided while they were still lying around, I may as well get on with photographing them all and putting them on an 'Apron Blog'. I would have started this last week, but couldn't find a model. All my friends who would have come around to do that, were all out! They have since said "Just ask!", so hopefully in the next week or so, I will get it organised.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Duchess Set.

I haven't won anything on eBay worth showing here for a while, until this pretty Duchess set arrived. This is the centrepiece, ...and the matching doilies.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Update on Indian Chief UFO/WISP Challenge

I said in the previous post that I wasn't going to bother photographing this, but I had the camera out tonight for something else, and as this blog has been so boring lately with no photos, I thought I may as well post a recent piccie of The Chief.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

It's been so quiet here lately.

I was wondering the other day as I often do, where the hell does my time go? I work three days a week (and not all day) and the other two days are usually taken up running messages that can't be done on the weekends, catching up with friends, doing my volunteer visits, and so on. Stitching? Haven't done much for ages until today, and I spent a satisfactory hour on my Indian Chief. I didn't bother photographing it, as I doubt if anyone reading this blog would notice a difference from the last photo I posted here. The only other item I've been stitching occasionally is a black cat on a doiley. It was given to me with about one quarter worked, and it is so cute, I keep it on hand to take with me when I'm expecting to have some spare time, waiting for a doctor, etc. But again, not worth photographing until it is nearly finished, and that is a few months off at least.
Because we are trying to keep our spending under control, I haven't been bidding on eBay much lately. And if I do get sucked in, I don't get carried away in a bidding war any more. If an item goes beyond $20, I let it go, no matter how much I want it - can't have everything! I have a couple of nice old doilies coming in the mail shortly; they were both under $20! So once they arrive, I'll scan them and post them here.