"It takes ages to finish a quilt you're not working on!"

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Stitchin Fingers fabric ATC swap arrived today.

I had just posted my Red Buttons fabric ATC off to my swap partner at our post office, and went to the post office box room to check my mail. There was a little packet from England waiting for me - Di had beaten me to it! Here is what she sent me - her gorgeous fabric ATC, and some lovely extras: two skeins of metallic embroidery floss, a beautiful piece of floral fabric and a cute Xmas themed cross stitch kit. Thank you VERY much, Di! I already know what I'll be using the metallic thread for - spider webs on my CQs - it is just what I needed!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fantastic book of iron-on transfers

I spent today with a friend, visiting opshops on our side of town. Along the way I found a secondhand bookshop, and of course, had to have a look in there too! Here is what I found, for $20 - a bit on the expensive side I thought, but on the other hand it is highly unlikely I'd ever find another copy, so I bought it. What a collection of transfers!!!! Every imaginable subject, and only a few cut out by the look of it. I've scanned three pages to give you an idea of what is there.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Finished postcard and two new fabric ATCs

I finished off my postcard not long after posting the previous photo - knew I should have waited! I was in the mood today to play with some more of these mini crazy patchworks, so I made two textile ATCs. I tried to photograph them, then tried scanning them, but neither turned out very well, so I settled for the scanned version. I learnt three valuable lessons today, about making textile ATCs:
1. Remove all tacking before ironing interfacing on the back.
2. Do not sew buttons and other 3D trims too close to the edge.
3. Check the width of the stitch on the sewing machine before starting to stitch.
It's just as well these ATCs aren't for an exchange...I'd be embarrassed to send them to anyone!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Update on my textile postcard.

There were some lovely comments on my last few posts - thank you everyone who left a comment, I do enjoy reading them, and will visit you all in return shortly, if I haven't already done so. Isn't the Internet great for finding people with a common interest - especially blogging - just love it! Here is a picture of my fabric CQ postcard...actually, I shouldn't call it CQ, as that stands for Crazy Quilting, and none of my patchwork is 'quilted' - it is just patchwork. Anyway, here is my postcard up until today: Ugh - okay, it isn't quite finished, but the scanner doesn't do it justice. The colours are much more vibrant than this pic. shows. As you can see if you compare this to the photo I posted a week or so ago, I've made a few improvements/changes. I changed the herringbone stitch from green to red, and I've moved the gold ric rac closer to the seam. I have a few more beads to add to the feather stitching at the bottom, and I'm not happy with the leaves on the right hand side, so I may fill them in with button hole or satin stitch yet.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


On August 30th I posted some photos of ATCs (Artists Trading Cards) I had just made. Some were textiles and the others were paper. As I'm trying to keep this blog for embroidered stuff, I've decided I'll post future paper ATCs to my Swap Card Blog. That was created for my swap/playing card collection, but it will do for the time being, to house my ATC collection as well!!
If you are new to ATCs, go here or here to find out about them.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Crazy about Crazy Quilting!

I just love messing around with little blocks of fabric that I've pieced together in CQ fashion. I have no intention of making a full size quilt - not even a wall hanging or lap rug. I simply enjoy doing a variety of stitches and beading to embellish the blocks. One of the Groups on Stitchin Fingers are making fabric postcards to swap with each other, so I jumped in there to join the swap. The theme for the postcard is 'Fall' (it was suggested by an American - surprise, surprise!) and I emailed her that Spring has just begun Down Under, and it feels like forever since we had our Autumn, but I didn't mind thinking about Autumn next year! Here is what I have done so far....actually I've done a bit more since I took this photo, but you may be able to see where I'm heading. The green Herringbone stitch will have small gold cross stitches on top of the green, and the ric rac will have another stitch, and possibly some beads worked on or around it. The red and green plain fabrics will have some other kind of embellishment, and there will be some stitching along the borders of those fabrics.
Here is another little block I made up when I was teaching myself the technique of "foundation piecing" from some CQ books I've borrowed from the library. There is no immediate purpose for this one, although a couple of friends have admired it and said they would like to see it in a little frame, so somebody may end up with this for Xmas!
For those who are interested, there are two new aprons on this blog.

Some additions to my collection.

I met my friend J. for coffee this afternoon at the Diamond Valley Antique centre here in Eltham. There was HEAPS of linen there, but I resisted temptation until I discovered this charming little supper cloth...a bit on the expensive side at $45, but I love this design! Unfortunately the colour in the first photo is all out of kilter, but the second closeup pic is better.
After J. left, I drove around the corner to investigate the shops in the next street, and discovered another antique store! I couldn't believe it - two in Eltham! So in I went, and while they didn't have a big range of linen, I purchased these two for $5. A simple elegant tray cloth on cream linen with nice crocheted edge. Close up of motif and crochet.
Another simple item that most people might not have looked twice at, but the stitching is just a bit different, and very neat.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Embroiderers Guild Annual exhibition

The Embroiderers Guild of Victoria is currently hosting their annual exhibition of members' work. Open 7 days a week from September 6th to 21st, it is at Embroidery House, 170 Wattletree Road, Malvern. Click here for more information, or go to the link on my sidebar on this blog. I'll be there as a volunteer gallery hostess on one or two days, so if you are in Melbourne and have a free day, drop in and say hello - and admire the fantastic stitching of our members. My Assisi Leaf coaster is on display with the other entries in the Guild Challenge; I didn't win an award, but I'm tickled pink to just be on show! Don't forget to visit the Gift Shop - all items are hand made by the Guild members. I couldn't resist buying this gorgeous little Teapot pincushion!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Friday's mail and Friday's stitching.

I only had an hour's work yesterday morning, so had the rest of the day to myself. When this happens, I usually ring around all the friends who I know might be home, and see who wants to go for a walk/do some stitching/catch up for a cuppa...So my backlog of housework and stitching doesn't usually get done.
Today, most of the people I called didn't answer their phone, or were doing something else. So I figured there had to be a message here somewhere! I told myself to stay home and catch up on the essential things needing to be done. So I defrosted the fridge (LONG overdue), made a pot of chicken stock (I'd just used my last lot in the freezer this week) and did some stitching on my friend's 50th birthday picture. I didn't bother photographing the fridge or the chicken stock (duh..) but here is where I'm up to with Louise's cottage:
These are two fabrics I received in the mail - aren't they delightful! And here is my second fabric completed ATC

Monday, September 01, 2008

Vintage Transfer book.

When I saw this on eBay from a lady in Tasmania who's eBay store name is "Gina's Fabrics" - well, I just had to bid, didn't I! It arrived today and I am so pleased I won it; whether or not I will ever actually use the transfers is debatable but hey, it's great stash.. Going by the information inside the cover, it is a reprint of an old McCalls magazine, as the last printing date listed is 1977. Here are just a few of the transfers inside:
Oh by the way, there is a new apron in my collection. You can see it here.

Eye candy.

I pass a large Salvation Army op-shop three days a week, but rarely stop to go in, as they never seem to have anything that appeals to me. But occasionally I just get a 'feeling'...and today I felt it, so in I went, and came out with these two beauties: Nice centrepiece:
And a very nice teacosy - it is stitched in only two or three basic stitches (laisy daisy and cross stitch) but the design and use of variegated thread make it so attractive.