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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A good day today, to make up for the bad ones...

Yesterday was not a good day...but in keeping with my resolution to keep this site just for my linen collection and stitching, I posted my woes on Patra's Other Place. Today was a beaut day! It started well when I arrived at the post office to collect my mail and found several items I had been expecting. I was excited to receive the package that Pam had sent, in return for some laces etc. I had sent her. Pam sent me a dozen packs of Aunt Martha's transfers and a lovely assortment of metallic embroidery thread. SOOO much to play with - lol!
The next item was a Round Robin from an MSN Group I am in. It is a Christmas theme, and for her sampler, Marisa has used the Aida with silver lurex thread running through it; it looks absolutely stunning! I am spitting chips that I hadn't thought to use some for my RR, as I do have some in my stash. You will see it when I have added my piece to Marisa's RR.
The third parcel was from Amazon.com in Canada. It is a French book about mail-art. I first heard of it on Danielle's blog, and was immediately interested, as I have a few mail art envelopes dating back to WW1. This book is full of the most beautiful illustrations of mail art, and although it is all written in French (and I don't understand a word!) the pictures alone are worth the price of the book. It had taken so long to arrive, I was worrying that it had 'gone astray' (read stolen), but no, here it is, safely in my hands.
After I had collected my mail and had a quick gloat over it, I drove over to visit S, and from there we went to the Embroiderers' Guild exhibition. It was well worth the visit - sensational work as usual from the members, which made S and I alternately ooh and aah over everything, then despair of ever being able to achieve similar results. After that we joined E for lunch, then drove around checking out some op-shops in the area, at which each of us scored a few wins. I will scan my goodies within the next day or so for you to admire!


Isabelle said...

Gina, there's a regular and very fond reader of yours who's French, you know? ;o)
If there's anything you need to understand in particular... Feel free to ask me.
Good to hear you had a good day :)

Maggie Ann said...

What a rich textile life you have Gina! I am envious abit. I'm glad you share your treasures on your blogs. Coming over to ohh and ahh over your finds is a treat. The antique 'Good Needlework Magazine' you recently showed us pages from is quite a treasure!

Gina E. said...

Thank you for your kind offer Isabelle...how long would it take to translate the entire book??!! I will put a photo of it on here shortly - when I get around to doing some more scanning. Just haven't had time to scratch myself lately.
Maggie ann, you don't need to envy me; your blog indicates that you also have a very fulfilling life with lots of treasures of your own! I love to share my bits and pieces here, as I have said before, and I love to see everybody else's!

Gina E. said...
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