"It takes ages to finish a quilt you're not working on!"

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Craft & Quilt Show in Melbourne.

Sharon and I went to the Craft & Quilt show at Jeff's Shed on Friday. I took dozens of photos of the quilts on display which were as usual, absolutely sensational. I've posted the pics on my Quilt Show blog here. We both had a strict budget to stick to, but I also had a short list of items I would be looking for. I found them - ruler/template to make Dresden plate blades, and Sashiko threads. We did a couple of workshops too which were of great benefit. Sharon sat in an a quilter/author's workshop, and did the Tumbling Blocks workshop that I did at an earlier Craft fair.
I did one on using up scraps in patchwork, and the other on binding. Binding is one of my poor points when it comes to finishing off projects, and I tend to take the easy way out. Judy showed us various ways of finishing off things, and suggested a few other projects, one of which I actually applauded her on! A few people looked around at me as if to say "What??" Judy said she hated throwing out perfectly good cork placemats where the glossy front picture had faded or got marked with use. She showed us patchwork 'pockets' which she made to cover the cork mats. I love it!!!! I also hate throwing them out, so watch this space for my efforts in making a couple of patchwork pockets for my old placemats. But don't hold your breath...there are still a lot of UFOs I want to tackle before 2010 ends. Dresden Plate ruler templates. Three skeins of Sashiko thread, Sashiko needles, Indigo fabric printed with traditional pattern, and a Clover tracing pen. I was using a biro or sharp pencil, but they weren't very good, so I was pleased to find this.
Naturally, as we did the rounds of the stalls, we found just a few goodies that we couldn't live without. I didn't buy ANY cross stitch kits or charts, but I found some gorgeous fabrics and knick knacks. I looked at this several times during the day, and finally gave in to temptation about 20 minutes before the Show closed! I selected these Japanese fabrics to complete a wall panel I have yet to start. Last year, Sharon gave me a lovely piece of Japanese fabric with an owl on it, but I needed more fabrics to do the borders, and these will be perfect.
These tiny dolls were $2 each, or five for $6. Just couldn't resist them! Don't know what I'll do with them, but I'll think of something. Or someone reading this will suggest something; my cyberspace friends are so helpful!
This beautiful dragon fly is for a friend who loves dragon flies.
Kitty buttons for $4 could not be left behind!
All in all I spent just over $100 (not including parking, entry fee and coffee) which is about what I had anticipated. I could have bought heaps more, but I was very strict with myself and stuck to what I thought I could use in the near future, instead of just topping up the Stash!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fabric postcard from Brazil, and necktie scraps.

I had one more postcard due to me from Stitchin Fingers' textile postcard birthday swap, and it arrived yesterday, from Heloisa in Brazil. Isn't it pretty? So many different stitches, and several layers of fabric.
I spent Friday afternoon with my friend Helen. Since her stroke, she isn't able to get around as freely as she once did, so I make a point of visiting her once a week. I've been buying mens' ties from opshops with the intention of deconstructing them to use the fabric to make stuff, and I took a bag around to Helen's for us to play with. It was a lovely sunny day, so we sat out in the sun with cups of tea and biscuits, and set to on my ties. We pulled apart 16 of them, and when I got home, I washed the fabrics in woolwash, and hung them out on the line to dry. When they were still damp, I brought them in and ironed them. This is tricky; most ties are made of silk or polyester, difficult fabrics to work with. I cut the tail off each one, and put the rest away for the future. I'm thinking about joining these up scrappy fashion, and cutting the result into squares. Just for fun.

Crazy Patchwork dressing gown

LeeAnn works for an opshop in country Victoria, and she was telling me about a dressing gown that was brought in to the shop last week, as part of an estate from an old lady who is now in residential care. When she described it, I had a pretty good idea what it would be like, so I asked if she could hold it for me, and I would transfer payment into her account as soon as she let me know how much it would cost. She warned me it might be about $45, and I said "Oh that's fine!" On Tuesday, she called me to say the manager had put $95 on it, and I said "That is still okay by me!"
LeeAnn had Friday off work, so she drove down to Melbourne just to bring it over to me, and it was everything I thought it would be. She said her boss told her if they sent it to one of the Melbourne inner suburban Salvos opshops, they would probably price it at $200 - $300. I would still have paid that much (by extracting an extra payment from my super.income stream!). Would you pay hundreds of dollars for this? Me showing the front. Leeann showing the back. Close up.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Op shops, and gifts.

Friend LeeAnn came to visit on Saturday, and brought me a belated birthday parcel. Among other goodies, she had found this for me: an Irish linen 3 piece set of place mat and two napkins, beautifully embroidered. She also included a bundle of fabric squares which will be perfect for a patchwork project I have in mind.

I usually post my opshop finds on the Op Shop blog here, but these items related more to this blog: A stack of craft magazines ranging from 50c to $3 each, depending on where I bought them. Vinnies was cheap, the Salvos dear.
Two metres of floral fabric for $6 - who could pass that up?
This was at the Salvos for $2. I find it hard to walk past other people's stitching works in opshops. I know how much work goes into them, so I am compelled to provide a loving home to those that end up dumped :-( Not to mention the fact that I just love Dalmations!
"A" for Australia. I've seen this done many times, but have never had the pattern. Now that I have, it won't be long before it is stitched and framed!

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Some more tea cup pincushions.

I bought three more tea cups last week at Savers, for 50c each. So many people have commented favourably on my first teacup pincushion, I decided to make a few more and give them away as "RAK"s. I started off by giving the first one to my friend LeeAnn, who came to visit us today with her hubby Rob, who has been very ill in the past year but thankfully is now okay. She brought a belated birthday gift for me, with lots of fabrics and nice things, and went home with a teacup pincushion and a dozen fresh eggs!

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Cross stitched card.

I received this beautiful card today, from Sheila in England. We were swap partners in a Stitchin Fingers exchange of cross stitched cards. I posted a pic of mine here a week or so ago.