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Thursday, August 18, 2005

This is my Round Robin, presently in the USA being added to. Hopefully it should get back to me by Xmas, or not too long afterwards.
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Maggie Ann said...

No kidding! How does that work exactly? Do you all have the same pattern or does each person just add something different to it?

Gina E. said...

Hi Maggie Ann. I am surprised you don't know about Round Robins! But I guess if you aren't actively involved in a group of stitchers, you may not have seen one. Each person in the group starts off with a piece of Aida (or other even weave fabric), and marks it into a grid for however many people are participating (from 4 to 6 people is usual). We stitch our own design in one spot, and mail the whole piece to the next person on the list that has been provided by the organiser of the R.Robin. Each person receives a Robin from the person above them on the list, and we have a month to stitch something on it, and then send it to our person next on the list. And so it goes around the whole group, one at a time, so when it gets back to its owner, there are (six) different designs stitched on it by different people - great fun! Unless a Robin gets lost in the mail...:-(

melissa said...

I just love Round Robins. I did one years ago and it was so much fun getting my pieces back, after they'd been stitched on. Such treasures.