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Monday, August 08, 2005

Okay, I figured it out!

Silly me, it was so darned easy! I went back into Picasa for another look and clicked on Settings. There was my solution - "select which blog I want to post to"! So I have written that down in my computer instructions book (which is about an inch thick of hand written and typed out instructions in my very own layman's language!). Thank goodness for that. Right! NOW I will post some of my other photos. Not all - there is too many for one night But at least I have scanned them all, so they are just waiting on the hard drive. For now I will put the pic of me in the Japanese wedding kimono. NOT a flattering photo; wouldn't you think one's husband could do better than this? Oh well, he can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, can he...I look like I am kneeling down, but I'm not - I am just a shorty (5'1"), and anything down past my knees dramatically shortens my appearance even more.
The other photos are of my collection of aprons and tablecloths, which are hung in the wardrobe of our spare bedroom. The aprons are on the left of the pic, and take up about one quarter of the space. The other pic is of my stash in my craft room/study/den, whatever you call it in your country! The upper shelf you can see has all my UFOs, SINS and WIPs in the plastic bags, with my floss and other bits in the tins on the right. Underneath those, the suitcase is full of materials of all kinds such as Aida and other evenweaves, laces, calico, etc.

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