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Monday, August 08, 2005

Part of my linen collection - aprons on the left, pillowshams, cushion covers, large runners, and tablecloths take up the rest of the space. Doilies and small things are elsewhere.
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Pam Kellogg said...

Wow! What a collection! Looks like a little piece of heaven to me!

Maggie Ann said...

I'd love to go 'poking' through there. Well, I guess we in 'blogland' do....when you post the pics we get to see them too. That is most enjoyable!

Ms Vile File said...

I'm salivating at the sight of your collection....and so organised!

I started collected vintage hand-stitched items a few years ago - in NZ they weren't very appreciated then, and were considered 'grannyish'. Items were given away for a pittance.

Thankfully, an appreciation for these things is taking off now. The disadvantage is that it is harder to find real 'treasures' so cheap!