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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

A Day full of Goodies!

Today was a beaut day in many ways. I collected an ebay win from the seller in person, as she works not far from where I live. It was her first eBay transaction, and she had auctioned a heap of cloths, doilies and an apron, most of which had been stitched by her great-grandmother. I beat off a concerted effort by another bidder, and it was well worth the money - all the linen was of an exceptionally high standard of embroidery. So I have some lovely items to photograph or scan for my next lot of pictures here! I had arranged to have lunch with S from The Blank Page, but got side tracked on the way there, at a couple of op-shops, at which I added some more items to my stash in the car. When I arrived at S's house, we decided to go out somewhere nice for lunch, so headed off to one of the more affluent of Melbourne's inner suburbs, where we spent a delightful two hours in bookshops and opshops, stopping briefly for coffee and a snack. Another $50+ on books and I had well and truly blown the budget by then, but what the heck, I don't do that very often. By the way, some of my Blogging friends expressed interest in seeing photos of Aussie wildlife; I put some pix on Patra's Other Place last night - go see!


Kitty said...

Hi Gina, Kitty (of Kitty's Scritchings) here :)

Sorry you're having problems with the template, I believe it may be down to the resolution you have your screen at, unfortunately it's designed for 1028x760 and anything less than that can cause the problems you're seeing. I'm hoping to get a template selector up and running soon which should allow you to choose the template that suits you. In the meantime I may well switch back to an older slightly more friendly template. Please keep coming back :)

ms*robyn said...

that ebay win sounds delightful ! Thanks for sharing the blank page * another one added to my favourites !*
I love Melbourne although I dont get to visit very often.

Kali said...

Gina ~ I am totally green with envy of your stunning collections! What gorgeous aprons and embroidered linens!!! I can't wait to have a proper look around your blog & also wanted to thank you for your comment on mine...I felt the same way about Tassie as you do, and was blessed to be able to move here.

Pam Kellogg said...

Hi Gina,

Sounds like you have nice new (vintage) things! Can't wait to see them. I love seeing your linen collection!


Maggie Ann said...

Oh Gina, what a rich life you lead! I'm a bit jealous = ).

Gina E. said...

Kitty: In the immortal words of Arnie S - I will be back!
Ms Robyn: S will be pleased to have another visitor to her Blank Page! Next time you plan to visit Melbourne, email me first and we can arrange to meet.
Kali: Thank you for your nice remarks. Yes, I do love my linen, although the Better Half is getting cheesed off with it taking over the house :(
Maggie Ann: Don't know about a rich life...perenially short of money - LOL! Seriously, I have been told that before, but I don't know that I do anything different from most other people. It's just that I get over-enthusiastic about what I do, and it probably sounds better than a normal lifestyle! Ken and I don't spend a lot of money on clothes and eating out, but we both have a tendency to splurge on our hobbies and interests.

ms*robyn said...

it is important to enjoy what you have in the here & now. No one knows what is around the corner and as my dear Nan use to say * there are no pockets in shrouds *
so ms*gina, enjoy your hobby and tell dear hubby that he can always build another room so that you can collect more ;)

Shell said...

Oh gawsh, I know what you mean - every time I set myself a shopping budget I blow it even if it is only by a few dollars. I never seem to go under the budget I set. Never mind, like Ms Robyn said we have to enjoy things while we have them - unfortunately though it means that the deck we are to build always seems to be in the far distant future. *laughs* Life's not so bad though, I can't really complain about my own spendy ways.