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Monday, August 08, 2005

My stash as described in the post below (or above - however it comes up on your screen!)
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Danielle said...

Hi Gina,

I thought I would come over here rather than leaving a response on my own blog! :) Once you have registered with EZ Board, you will need to have your membership approved. I am sure Becky only does this to avoid spammers. I will let her know you are trying to get in. Did you just recently try to get into the board? It may take a day for her to approve the new people. Once she does that you will be able to get in once you log into your account. Once you are there--there is a section for my needleroll exchange. There is still time, so let me email Becky and tell her you are having some problems getting in. Danielle

BeckySC said...

Hi :)
I read your reply over at Danielle's blog and wanted to let you know that you need to follow the instructions provided on the application page. I need a first name and valid e-mail address. Once that is completed in your profile, you will be accepted. (this is due in part to the hacking of EZ-board)

I look forward to having you aboard :)
If you have any further questions or problems registering PLEASE e-mail me directly :)

Shell said...

Oh my, your linen collection is huge! Do you use it all? Or do you go through it and savour looking at each piece when the whim hits you? It looks extensive and beautiful. We all need something to collect don't we? I collect catholic icons from the 50's onwards, although not anymore because it got a bit out of control a while ago (when Mary started appearing in the bathroom I was told to stop!). Now I only get very special pieces when they show up.

Saija said...

being born in Finland, i can really appreciate linen ... i have some towels that were actually woven by my mom, linen towels ... and then some tablecloths that others have given to me as gifts ... there is something so elegantly fine about linen ...

blessings on your week!

Gill said...

Wow what a lovely stash cupboard! It must be so nice just to go in and see your collection in front of you.