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Saturday, August 06, 2005

I took some photos today!

...but not with the digital camera, so they won't be appearing on here until early next week. I have photographed the items I am taking to the Antiques Roadshow*, some of my recent eBay wins, a shot of the wardrobe where I keep my tablecloths and aprons, and a shot of the cupboard where I keep my stash of UFOs and SINS. Mostly SINS, now - I will never stitch all that stuff, no matter how many times I am reincarnated and go looking for it :-( You will see what I mean when you see the photo. I also took some photos of Topsy, as she was hanging around while I was sorting out my linen to photograph. There is one photo left on the film, and I will ask Ken to take a special pic. of me. My Japanese penpal gave me a traditional Japanese wedding kimono for my 50th birthday - apparently they are very popular in the USA as wall hangings. Well, mine has been hanging on the wall in the spare room that houses my linen collection, because I just don't know where else to put it! Yesterday, I made my monthly visit to my Japanese friend (the lady I stitched the card for), and I took the kimono to show her. She was absolutely delighted, and asked me to put it on, which I did, and she arranged it around me in the proper manner. Then she said I should have a photo taken of me in it, so I will do that this weekend. *More about the Antiques Roadshow. I had a phone call tonight from a lady who I have got to know over the Net via eBay. She lives in a country town about 100 miles from Melbourne, and she has also been selected to appear on the Roadshow. She was telling me that apparently there were about 200,000 - yes, two hundred thousand! applications from around Australia to get on the Show. So I feel even more privileged to have the chance to go on it. Lee and I are both taking our cameras; she will put some of her photos on eBay, and I will put some of mine on here, all going well, that is. It would be just my luck if I dropped the camera in my excitement - LOL!


Maggie Ann said...

Looking forward to seeing those photos Gina, by and by. ( And the one of you in the Japanese wedding kimono.) How like a miracle to get on the Antiques Roadshow. You'll be famous forever maybe! = ).

ms*robyn said...

can't wait to see your photos, Gina. I know what a UFO is and I have many but just exactly what is a SIN ~ sounds like I probably have some of them too
some of those kimonos are works of art and I know there is a knack to putting them on correctly.
the antiques roadshow sounds so exciting. Will it be televised here? If so, you must let us know when

Gill said...

Look forward to seeing your photos .... and congratulations on being one of the chosen few to go on Antiques Roadshow!

Gina E. said...

Robyn, I wonder if you will see this in time? The Roadshow team are in Sydney right now as I type (almost midnight, Sat.Aug.6). They will be at the Sydney University all day, appraising the collections of the lucky Sydneysiders who got tickets.
They will then come south to Melbourne on Wednesday. Oh, you haven't read the top bit on my Blog - SINS are Stuff I'll Never Stitch, and I am sure you will have some of 'em!

Pam Kellogg said...

Gina, I can't wait!! Yes, Japanese kimonos are works of art here in the US. They are highly prized.

I sure hope I get to see your episode of Antiques Roadshow here in the US. Maybe I should keep my eye on the schedule. I wouldn't want to miss that one!

As for UFO's and SIN's, well I have every good intention of stitching everything I have. Of course, I know fully well what they say about the best of intentions! But I will try! I only have 2 UFO's. I have to finish the handquilting on a patchwork quilt but it's Summer here and that's a Winter project. Then I have a stamped x stitch tablerunner that I started a few years back, put it down when we bought our house and never got back to it. I love it and want to finish it so maybe I'll pull it out and add it to my list again!

ms*robyn said...

Gina, I did read that when I first found your blog & completely forgot. I have many SINS!
have fun at the roadshow !
by the way ~ please dont worry about rauncy :) I replied to your comments on my blog