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Monday, August 08, 2005

Photos on wrong Blog!!

I knew it. I knew I would eventually get into strife by getting too big for my boots and having two blogs. For some reason, I can only get Picasa/Hello to post photos to Patra's Other Place; I know it is just a matter of me twiddling some setting or other, but I have just wasted nearly an hour, trying to post my pics here, but to no avail. So, I have put photos on Patra's Other Place of the items I am taking to the Antiques Roadshow. I have a heap of other photos to post, but as they are all to do with my linen collection, I am not going to put them on P.O.P. as well. They can wait until I figure out (or am told how to - HELP somebody!) how to select which blog to post photos to!

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Little Grey Cat said...

Hi Gina

Why not use Photobucket to upload your photo's - it's free and if you make a mistake you can just cut and paste the 'picture code' onto the right blog. It doesn't make a difference to how your blog looks ... or use bloggers own upload tool, that's pretty good too.