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Sunday, August 07, 2005

A good weekend is one when much is accomplished!

Now that I have two blogs going, I have to make Important Decisions about which one to start a new post on! I decided to stay with Patra's original Place with this post, as I have been waffling about the Antiques Roadshow here, so I may as well continue on. Today I spent getting everything ready for Wednesday. I ironed the three tablecloths, two aprons and the few other items I am taking, and hung them up ready to be rolled up (NOT folded!) on cardboard rolls on Wednesday morning. This will be a last minute job to avoid them being too creased for showing. Ken produced a tiny folding stool that he takes to sit on when he goes fishing. Everyone has to queue for hours at the Roadshow, and my arthritic feet would not take kindly to that! so I will take the stool to prop on when the queue is at a standstill. I am also taking a Thermos of tea and some sandwiches and fruit - it is going to be a long day! Oh, and the camera of course; I have just found out that it is okay to take photos. All my gear is to be stashed in a neat little foldable shopping jeep thing, so I can just push it from place to place, instead of carting stuff around in a bag of some kind. The Collectables discussion board on eBay had a very informative thread and some great photos on it tonight, from the eBayers who were at the Roadshow in Sydney today. They were very lucky with the weather - fine and sunny apparently. But I am going to add an umbrella to my stash on Wednesday - this is Melbourne, and anything can happen! The eBayers all enjoyed themselves immensely, which bodes well for those of us down south. If anybody reading this wants to have a look at the photos, all you have to do is go into ebay.com.au, click on Community, click on Discussion Boards, and select Antiques & Collectibles. When you get on there, look through the list of posts until you find a title with Antiques Raodshow (sp as shown!) and click on that.
Well, I'm off to Patra's Other Place to put my other piece of good news!!!!

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Maggie Ann said...

That has to be sooo exciting to be getting ready for the Antiques Roadshow. Are you nervous?