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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Shopping in Melbourne with Doreen G.

We strolled down to the Nicholas Building to visit some of the beautiful craft shops in there - L'ucellos, Button Mania, and Kimono House. I took a few photos at L'ucellos. The owner (Kim) is used to bloggers coming in and introducing themselves, as she has her own blog, and follows many herself. Her stock is constantly changing with shipments of goodies arriving often. I resisted temptations, and only bought a couple of things: A book/pad of iron-on stitchery transfers - very cute! A short length of exquisite lace which Kim informed us was from the time of King George VI. (Sylvia, if you want some of this, let me know! I had you in mind when I bought it ;-) The two dear little buttons are from Button Mania.

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Pam Kellogg said...

OMG Gina! If I could get to Australia (which I can't because I won't fly), I would so love to go shopping with you! I want to reach into your photos and pick out some things for my crazyquilts!! So beautiful!