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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Meeting another Blogger friend!

I spent a most enjoyable day today, with Doreen Grey of "Creative Meanderings". Doreen was in Melbourne this week with her hubby and grand daughter, so we'd arranged for me to meet her in the city at the apartment where they were staying. I had asked Doreen if she would bring some of her embroidered work to show me, and she was happy to oblige. I took photos of everything. If my readers are also readers of Doreen's blog, you may have seen these before. But even so, they are worth another look! Stunning crazy patchwork blocks, made up into book form. There were 12 blocks altogether but I only photographed six.
This fabulous creation has been made using an old book as the base. The inside consists of handmade paper, painted and embellished with a myriad of craft fabrics and papers! Such creativity leaves me speechless in admiration! There was one more book, but my photo didn't do it justice, so I haven't posted it. We spent some time setting our respective cameras up to take photos of ourselves together, using the delayed timer, most of which I had to delete until I got what I thought was a reasonable photo of us both. Doreen looks a bit terse here, which is a pity, because she is not terse at all! A very friendly lady in fact. We visited some craft shops, then had lunch at Australia on Collins, talking non-stop between mouthfuls of food. We spent the first few minutes getting to know each other, doing some show and tell, and swapping a few goodies. I came off better in the goodies department! I brought some of my mug rugs in and offered Doreen a choice of them. But look what she had for me! A duchess set that she had started on a long time ago, but never finished, and she thought I would appreciate it. She was 100% right! Her stitching on the centrepiece is exquisite, so I'll have to do my bit on the doilies very carefully to match her work! Next is an ATC, and an embroidered brooch. Doreen had brought a dozen of them with her, and invited me to choose one. It was very hard to choose; they were all so gorgeous. And some craft magazines she'd finished with.

I made a complete fool of myself by offering to take Doreen to the Morris & Sons shop in Collins Street. When I mentioned this to her on the phone the previous night, I said "Do you want to go to the William Morris shop here?" There was silence for a minute, and she said "I didn't know that was in Melbourne". "Oh yes - it is across the road from where you are staying" said I. Some time after I hung up the phone, I realised my mistake in the name of the shop....but as if that wasn't enough. Today, I led the way into Australia On Collins - almost to the door of Lincraft. Looking desperately for Morris & Sons, I had to give up because nobody in the other shops knew what I was talking about. When I got home, I found the bit of paper I'd written their address on - No.234 Collins Street...a few doors up from Australia On Collins }:-( Sorry, Doreen! Next time!!


Sharon said...

You shouls have rung me @ work I could have told you... It is a floor above our main city store.... You were so near and yet so far!!! Sounds like you had a lovely time...

Lyndel said...

oh Gina, sounds like you have a lovely day. thanks for sharing your Show and Tell♥