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Monday, June 13, 2011

Handbag organiser.

Don't you just hate fumbling in your handbag/purse/totebag for the fiddly things that rattle around at the bottom on the bag? In March 2009, Cindy posted a photo on her blog of a handbag organiser that she'd made for her daughter. She called it a "What's In the Bottom Of Your Purse Holder". I thought it was a super idea, and filed it away in my head for future reference. Since then I've seen bag organisers in shops, and tutorials for similar things in books and on the net. Today I decided to make my own. It is best to do it that way, because every lady's handbag is unique, as far as what goes in it. Here is what lives in mine when I take everything with me. (If I'm only zipping down to the shops to do some shopping, I only take a small shoulder bag with my purse, keys, and mobile phone.) I started by laying everything out on a piece of fabric to see how big I would need to cut it. I then cut a piece for the outer fabric, and another piece the same size for the lining. Then I found a third piece to make the pockets. But instead of making individual pockets, I lay the one piece across the lining over my bag contents, and pinned it over each item, allowing enough fabric to slip it in easily. Took the contents away and machined the pocket fabric where I'd pinned. Here they are all laying on their individual pockets. And here is everything in the pockets. Finally I added a length of green ribbon to one end, so when I rolled the organiser up, it could be tied up neatly and placed in my hand bag. I showed Ken, saying "This is a girl thing. I don't expect you to understand." He looked at it for a minute and said "You should make one for your car". I said "Oh, yes, I have a pattern for a glove box organiser somewhere!" He replied "I'm not talking about the glovebox. I'm talking about the boot (trunk to Americans). It's a mess with all the stuff you've got in there". Ah well, can't blame a girl for trying, can you?

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Aussie Stitcher said...

I love it Gina, what a fabulous idea.