"It takes ages to finish a quilt you're not working on!"

Monday, June 13, 2011

Quilters Tote Bag

I've spent the weekend making two bags. The first one is something I've been thinking about doing ever since I started accumulating quilting and patchwork paraphernalia. Everything was in a big plastic bag, and we all know what that's like - a big jumble of stuff that doesn't fit nicely anywhere you want to store it. I'd seen a few tutorials on the net for quilters bags, but they weren't quite what I wanted, so I decided to do my own thing. I needed a bag big enough to keep my cutting mat, two quilters rulers, assorted plastic templates, and rotary cutters. A few years ago, the local Riot Art & Craft shop had a selection of plain calico bags, ready for embroidery or fabric painting projects. I bought two or three different sizes, including a library bag which I still hadn't done anything with. Perfect size - big enough to accomodate a larger cutting mat if I needed to buy one at a later stage! The first job was to make some pockets for the inside, to put my things in. The mat didn't need a pocket, but the quilting rulers, Dresden templates, and rotary cutters did. I cut out and hemmed three pieces of calico to suit, and machined them inside the library bag (it was a bit difficult, as my machine doesn't have one of those extra long bits where you can machine sleeves etc. on garments, but I managed it) Drawstring tops are okay for library bags, but I needed handles, so I made them from two strips of calico. Finally, thinking it looked a bit plain (and wanting to cover up the area where I had machined the pockets to the inside), I found a piece of furnishing fabric someone had given me, that was exactly the right size. So I used fusible webbing to attach it, and stitched running stitch around the edges. Voila!


Miss 376 said...

Love the colour of the fabric you've used to decorate the front. Great way to customise a bag for your own needs

Annie said...

Aren't you clever! You would never have found a ready-made bag that works so perfectly.

Lyndel said...

oh Gina, what with that one, and the handbag organizer, you have everything covered. Well done. Must be the sunshine last few days, I'm in a 'tidy and organize' mood too. Thanks for the suggestion about an online store. I already have an eBay Store, but I like to sell to people who look, feel, try-on. Nothing in the Eastern Subs yet, but I'll keep looking for the right markets for me. I love doing Markets and meeting people. Off to the Austin tomorrow..blood test day! Hope Ken's doing OK, Vic is, the drugs have not had too many nasty side effects. ♥