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Friday, April 04, 2014

Second apron finished for Ballarat Festival.

Melody, are you reading this?  I bet you didn't think I'd do it!  Two down, one to go, and at the rate I'm going, I'll have the third apron done within a week! 
This one is the gingham apron that I bought at our opshop - finished but with no embellishment.  I posted a photo here a few weeks ago when I'd appliqued the chicken fabric on to it, but here it is with the ric rac and buttons.

I made something else today - but not an apron.  Ken bought me a Samsung wi fi tablet for an early birthday gift, and I wanted to make a padded cover  for it quickly so I could take it out and about without getting it knocked around.  I used some kitty fabric I've had for years, lined with pink cotton.  I didn't put a strap on it because I won't be 'wearing' it around my neck, as  it fits in my day to day shoulder bag perfectly.  A few days after he bought the tablet, we bought a 4G prepaid modem thingy so I can go online when I'm not in a wi fi area.  The salesman said 'you can just leave it in your hand bag', but I didn't like the idea of that, so I added a little pouch inside my cover, and the modem will stay in there with the tablet.  This is what it looks like with the cover turned inside out so you can see the pouch.  I've also got a small microfibre cloth in there so I can wipe the tablet clean instead of looking for a tissue or something else when it gets fingerprints on it!

There is one press stud under the flap to keep it secure.  I couldn't be bothered doing buttons and buttonholes, and velcro is so hard to stitch on to anything.


Linens and Royals said...

Apron looks good. If I ever get a tablet I will copy your design for a cover. I haven't seen 'kitten on the keys' fabric before. Cute. Sylvia X

Melody said...

Gorgeous apron