"It takes ages to finish a quilt you're not working on!"

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Girlfriends Stitchery Club.

I am absolutely determined not to fall by the wayside with this weekly project provided by Lyn Briggs.  She emails each design to the participants promptly on Mondays, and I print it off as soon as I get it.  Last week was crazy, and even though I had everything ready, I just never got started on the third pattern.  So when I found the fourth pattern in my emails tonight, I said "That's it!" and told Ken not to disturb me for ANYTHING.  (He likes to come and see what I'm doing, then tell me what he is watching on t.v and why I should be watching it too).  Anyway, I got my Cupcake done, and the four patch blocks finished ready for making up the quilt in a few weeks.

This is a 'scrappy' mini quilt, so I didn't go out and buy a pack of matching charm squares, as I have a box of my own fabrics already cut up into 5" squares, and want to use them up before I buy anything else.

I have nearly finished the Anniversary memory quilt for our friends, who saw it on Saturday and were delighted with it - phew!  Always a worry when you  make something for a gift and wonder if it will be appreciated or relegated to the back of a cupboard....I've added a tartan border and quilted it, now all I have to do is trim it, and bind it.  I took some photos tonight intending to post them here, but they were no good, so I deleted them and will take better pics when the quilt is finished.


Maria said...

Lovely cupcake stitchery. Well done at keeping up with your blocks.

Christine M said...

Cute stitchery Gina.

Jane Galley said...

Lovely little stitchery, can't wait to see your quilt