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Friday, April 25, 2014

Monthly Xmas project and child's apron.

I have just posted a pic of my April project for the One Xmas Project a Month here.  Very proud of myself to be keeping up with this!  It helps to have made a list in advance for the year, with the pages marked in the magazines that I've chosen, instead of looking through hundreds of patterns every month trying to decide at the last minute.

On Tuesday night I sat up until the early hours to finish this child's apron for the Ballarat Apron Festival.  I had actually finished making the apron about a month ago, but left the Sweet Tooth stitching till the last minute...hopeless.   Entries had to be in by 25th April which of course being a public holiday with no mail deliveries, actually translated to a deadline of 24th April.  I was thinking I could post my entries on Wednesday and they would get to Ballarat on Friday.  Well, I posted them on Wednesday, but it cost me $10 to send them by Express to ensure they would arrive by Thursday.

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Jane Galley said...

This looks lovely, who can say no to ice cream