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Friday, April 11, 2014

I won't be at the Quilt Convention.

I won't be going to the quilt convention tomorrow.  I have sprained my left elbow and been advised by my osteopath to avoid lifting anything heavy, driving for any length of time, and in general, just rest it.  At first I thought I'd knocked it and was waiting for a bruise to appear, but it didn't, and instead it started to swell. The osteopath did some work on it and said it would take a couple of weeks to heal. I can barely drive to the shops at the end of our street, it aches so much, so there is no way I'd be able to drive the 45 minutes into the city. Ken, bless his heart - offered to drive me in and pick me up, but the way I'm feeling, walking around the convention all day doesn't appeal at all :-(


Linens and Royals said...

Too bad about your elbow, hope you can still do a bit of stitching. Tomorrow I am going to a Retirement Village fete, always great bargains to be had.
Just saw your comment on Isabelle's (In this Life) post. I have ordered the book she wrote about,It's on the way and I will lend (post) it to you as soon as I have read it. Sounds too good not to share. Sylvia X

Jane Galley said...

Hope it heals soon, and make sure you follow doctor's orders and rest it

Melody said...

so sorry to hear this Gina - get better soon

Annie said...

Sorry this had to happen just before the show. Rest up so you heal as quickly as possible and have a relaxing weekend!