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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Vintage linens and other stuff.

Scone warmer-thingy. Looks old, but I suspect it is a recent machine made production. Nice cross stitch sampler. Tea cosy with kookaburra on one side, and a sprig of wattle on the other. Not too many of you would remember these sauce bottle covers, I'll bet! I don't even remember them being used at home when I was a child, but Mum did have one in her drawer of table linenss. Unfinished cushion cover. I'd have a go if I thought I could match the threads, but it might be difficult, given its age.


Sherri said...

You have such a fabulous collection! I think I like the tea cozy the best. I've never seen a sauce bottle cover in use, either. Maybe that's why it's in such good shape!

Joy V said...

Hi Gina, always love looking at your vintage stash. Some time ago I came across this blog, thought you might be interested in having a look - http://mytransfers.blogspot.com/
She shares some of her transfers which you can copy. Meant to send it you earlier, but forgot, sorry.

Gina E. said...

Joy, thanks for bringing that link to my attention. I did have one of Floresita's blogs on my sidebar, but for some reason it vanished. So I've put her back! (Feeling Stitchy is the blog I like best, and it has links to the transfer blogs)