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Monday, September 03, 2007

Lots of goodies coming up soon!

Darling LeeAnn from PearTree Cottage came over with her hubby on Saturday night, bearing gifts of all kinds (see Patra's Other Place if you want to hear more). One package she gave me contained a HUGE amount of linens that she had picked up from various op shops over the past year since we last saw each other. I have sorted everything out into piles depending on what they are, and I put the not-so-clean ones in Napisan last night. They went out on the line this morning, and thanks to plenty of wind and sunshine, everything is now inside waiting to be ironed! Sounds crazy to most women, but I LOVE ironing - especially my vintage linens. It gives me the opportunity to study them closely and admire the work.
I just wanted to write this post so my readers know there is something to look forward to. It will take me a while to scan or photograph everything, and post to the blog, so be patient! Just to tease, here is a photo of the lot on the floor as I took it out of the wrapping - unsorted, cloths on top of cloths - WHEEEEEEEE!!!!!


loulee1 said...

Phew! What a pile. Are those swans I see in the bottom left corner?

Pam Kellogg said...

Ooooh Gina! Can't wait to see these close up!

Alice said...

It must be like 20 Christmasses all at once. I can relate to the thrill of ironing lovely linen. Even as a child I would iron doileys endlessly using the flatirons off the wood stove.

Crazee4books said...

Hi Gina,

Wow! What a stash! Sorta like Christmas in September. There looks to be some beautiful pieces in there. And they've come to a good home, where they'll be pampered and cared for and loved.

I was reading about your job situation on your other blog and am so sorry to hear about what your local council has done. Don't politicians drive you crazy?? Pinching pennies where they shouldn't and tossing buckets of money at useless projects that really aren't needed. Hope that they get lots of grief for their actions.

I am glad that you like the Bookshelf and threads. But I laughed when I read your blog post about them. I'm Canadian Gina, not American!! Lol!! We're good neighbours, but I'm a Canuck through and through.

Cheers!! Judy

Gina E. said...

OOPS! Sorry, Judy!