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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tablecloths from LeeAnn.

This cloth is a Semco one with a Mexican theme design embroidered in each corner. This table cloth is a standard size cloth, with hand crocheted edge, embroidered only where you can see in this photo. The centre of the cloth, and all around the remaining edge has the design stamped on it ready to be done. This is as close as I could get, to show the detail of the beautiful stitching. Here is a very old supper cloth - beautiful quality linen, with two corners not stitched... and the other two corners nearly finished. This is a closer view of one of the corners - exquisite stitching.


Chelle said...

It boggles my mind how much work goes into some of these tablecloths and other linens. Incredible!

Drewzel said...

That supper cloth with the flowers is exquisite!!

Bobby said...

that's lovely!!