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Thursday, August 23, 2007

The tablecloths on my dining and kitchen tables this week.

These photos do not do this cloth justice. I saw it in an antique shop about two years ago, and it had a price of $120. I asked the shop owner if he would come down from that, as it really was far too high by any standards, but he said no, and started to tell me how much work was in it. I soon let him know I had another hundred cloths of equal quality, and I'd never paid that much for any of them! A year later, we drove past the shop and saw it was closing down. So I went in to see if this cloth was still there. It was, and the price was the same. I spoke to the same man (don't know if he recognised me), and asked how much it would be now that he was closing down, and he thought for a minute and said $80. I didn't argue; it is the most expensive one in my collection, but I had to have it! The cloth on the kitchen table below is almost a match for the larger one on the dining table. They are the only two cloths in my collection which have Fuschias embroidered on them.


loulee1 said...

Oooh! Very pretty, I love fuschias.
Good for you for holding out! It must have been meant for you.

stitching aussie style said...


Thanks for coming to say hello. I love the tablecloths. All of the embroidery work that goes into them, my eyes would be crossed! I have one that my Grandmother completed years ago and gave me when I married, complete with napkins. I must show you one day..

dragonflyfilly said...

BEAUTIFUL handi-work!!!

cheers for now,

Helen said...

Hi Patticat. Are you not blogging just now? I thought I'd be in touch via this. Enjoyed our lunch last week and hope there can be some more. Nice to meet even more bloggers!
I haven't a cloth on my table just now, but have been taking lots of photos of the garden to eventually post.
Talk soon!

Kelli said...

Oh, how pretty! The colors are wonderful and what lovely detail!

Maggie Ann said...

Beautiful! Gina, sorry I don't get around as often to come see you...life has gotten a lot busier with my spinning and knitting and so on. I love your blog though...its a delight to visit and oooh and aaah over your lovely collection.

Pam Kellogg said...

Gina, your collection amazes me! So many beautiful things! The wheel barrow is gorgeous!