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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Unfinished objects and other unusual items.

I just love these bags that women made up years ago, to hold dusters, shaving gear, pegs, etc. This one is obviously meant to hold socks and possibly hosiery which needed mending! Can you imagine anyone under 50 doing that now? I still darn Ken's socks, but as I'm nearly 60, I do actually remember how to from when I was a small girl and had to do my own school socks!
The unusual figures on this Huckabuck hand towel are cute!
The embroidery has been completed on this cute Semco "Maids Apron" but it still needs to be cut out and made up. Won't take me long! This set has been stitched but not made up. As the embroiderer has sewn a border neatly around each doiley, I am wondering what she intended to do next, as there is no room for a crocheted edge, and if she cut the linen around the edges as they are, it would fray. Maybe that's why it was never completed!
This set is the same, except there is still a small area to finish embroidering.


Maggie Ann said...

I've never seen doiley's that are like this...embroidered but not cut out and finished on the edge. I'm glad to see these.

Chelle said...

Love the stocking bag, so usual! I never learned to darn. I've used a darning stitch in samplers but never on the "real deal." Luckily DH has been kind to his socks lately...