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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Remainder of goodies from LeeAnn.

This is the final lot of photos depicting the bundle of vintage linens etc. that LeeAnn gave me a month ago when she and Rob visited us. You can understand why I was so excited, and I'm now planning what I can do for them for Christmas to say thank you!
This item is very old, and quite unusual, although at its time of production, I'm sure there were many ladies industriously stitching tapestry covers for chairs and sofas! That is what this appears to be, and it is incredible to find the instruction paper with it!
Three nice little doilies all stitched, just needing crocheted edges.
Unworked Semco traycloth featuring a Blue Wren on Australian native plant.
This matching pair of doilies is much prettier than it looks here - the colour is all wrong. The material is more of a tan colour, and the stitching is in bright colours.


Gerry said...

Ooooooh, all of your linens are just beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing!

loulee1 said...

You got quite a haul! They are lovely.

Maggie Ann said...

How fun to see these...

Chelle said...

These are wonderful!