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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Centrepiece doilies.

To be strictly accurate in my descriptions, this first one is a tray cloth of course, but as it is the only one of the lot, I decided to pop it in with the centrepieces.
Definitely worth a closer look! I was so pleased to find this with LeeAnn's linens. I already have the same doiley in my collection, but it is not in good condition like this one, so it can be sold on eBay as a cutter.

I really like this doiley. I've not seen stitching like this used to fill in large areas. Closer up, this shows how running stitch is used effectively to fill in the larger areas.
Ugh..this pic does not do the doiley justice - the colours of the pansies are much prettier. I think they were stitched in silk, not stranded cotton. It is a very old piece.
Closeup of these gorgeous variegated cotton flowers.
And here is a closeup:

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Chelle said...

Ok, I must say "Uncle" because I have run out of words! Your collection is amazing. Every picture shows an item more amazing than the last. Thanks for sharing all of this. I love to visit your blog. So much eye candy! Thanks Gina!