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Sunday, September 09, 2007

The first of many new additions to my collection.

I have had a busy weekend away from home on both days (see Patra's Other Place if you are curious about my activities!), but once we'd had dinner on Saturday night, Ken disappeared down to the garage to work on his bike, so I decided to start photographing all the lovely items LeeAnn brought over for me last weekend. I spread them all over the carpet in my linen room and snapped away happily for about half an hour. Unfortunately only five of about thirty photos turned out good enough to put on the blog, so I'm going to have to re-snap them on a lighter background, as the carpet was too dark, and made everything look dull. However, I was asked about the doiley with the swans on, in the earlier picture from last week, and I promised that would be the first one to go on here, so here you are, Loulee1!
Black Swans Blue Wrens Lyrebird Kookaburra I saw a set of doilies almost exactly the same as these on eBay about a month ago, and put in a bid for them, as I love anything with an Australian theme. But they went way over my highest bid, so I let them go. Imagine my delight when LeeAnn turned up with these amongst her goodies! It appears as if the stitcher couldn't decide what to use as a border, because they are all different, and none of them have the buttonhole stitch border that is printed on the doiley. But I don't care - the birds are lovely!


loulee1 said...

Oooh! Pretty birdies. They look wonderful.
Your sampler looks good in it's new frame too.

stitching aussie style said...

Hi have such a thing for kookaburras and this one is fantastic. I am drooling!!

The Lone Beader said...

I love the blue wrens! But, they need to be beaded... :)

~ Janice ~ said...

I have such a heart for anything with birds on them. These are just beautiful!!