"It takes ages to finish a quilt you're not working on!"

Monday, May 22, 2006

Today's photos are of:

* A teatowel that I have just finished and posted to the USA as part of an exchange in a Yahoo stitching group I joined recently. I had to fold the tea towel into sections to fit the stitched sections on the scanner, and the middle section looks discoloured, but the material is actually the same shades all over. I am disappointed with my stitching here. I bought the teatowel on a whim, then I couldn't find any transfers that fitted into the squares on it, so I ended up tracing the pots from a pattern in a book and transferring them on to the material. The bit with my name was just written in freehand using one of those special pencils that wipes off material with a damp cloth. The trouble was, it smudged badly while I was stitching, so my work is all over the place. To make things worse, I was in a rush to get it done on time, and I forgot how to do stem stitch properly (I am HOPELESS), so it turned out rather untidy to say the least. Since then, I have got some of my old stitching books out, some evenweave, cotton and needle, and I am determined to practice some basic stitches before I do any more embroidery. I have done too much cross stitch in recent years, and not enough of the other.
* I found this book at an opshop yesterday - for A$3. Couldn't believe my luck! Mary Gostelow's books are always excellent, and are usually expensive, so I snapped this one up immediately!


Maggie Ann said...

Gina, your honesty is touching...makes me feel like a kindred spirit. Honestly, we all have days when things just don't quite go the way we plan...grin. While tatting today with #80 thread...it broke 4 times. Thats it...I said and quit. Either the thread is weak from age (possible) or I need to run it through the 'thread magic' or whatever the name is of the 'stuff' you told me about which works great. I'm sleepy can you tell?

AnneS said...

Well, personally I think you tea towel looks just lovely, and I'm sure the recipient loves it :D