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Sunday, May 07, 2006

A fascinating book on my favorite topic!

I had heard about a book by Rosemary McLeod called "Thrift to Fantasy", but knowing that it was a tad expensive, decided not to buy a copy just yet. But when I had a closer look at the details about the book on another blog, I changed my mind, and ordered a copy from Boomerang Books here in Australia. Ken's Mum had given me $50 for my birthday, and as the book was around that price, I thought it would be the ideal gift to buy for myself. I know she will love it as much as I do, and hopefully we will see her next week for Mother's Day, and I'll be able to show it to her then.
Here are some scans of it - the front cover, and two pages inside. I said it was expensive, but I should qualify that statement by adding that it is worth every cent. About 270 pages, mostly full colour photos of the author's unbelievable collection of vintage linen and hand crafted items. I have still only flipped through the pages a few times, without reading the text, but what I have seen has only whetted my appetite to read it in full as soon as possible! I don't have the contacts or the money to get a book published about my collection, but I am wondering if I could polish up Patra's Place to make it a kind of online book like so many unpublished authors are doing these days? Food for thought...


Miss Eagle said...

Go for it. You may need to consider copyright. But I am sure one thing it will do will be to give you a focus on how a book might be, the words, the ideas, the whole shape of it. And of course it is all a permanent record.

Gina E. said...

Thanks Miss Eagle...I gotta talk to you about all this!!