"It takes ages to finish a quilt you're not working on!"

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Here is The Indian UFO...about 10 years ago. I have since completed the bottom section, but not the feather head dress. So that is what I am now working on. This embroidery frame was a great concept, but just not the right thing for this project.
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VintagePretty said...

Thanks for the comments on my blog - you're very kind! I haven't written a book, but am quite sure that on certain topics I could ;-) hehehe. I completely agree that the human race is the one at fault, causing problems where there need be none. Such are humans, I guess. But I'm making a change, and hope others will too :) If every human did the same, we'd be in much better shape, but it's persuading those who do not want to change, to do just that.

I have had a read of your blog and think it's great - the embroidery is beautiful. I am learning how to embroider, I've managed things like French knots, lazy daisy, satin stitch etc, I love the crinoline ladies. Your Native American man is rather stunning to look at (love the colours) - good luck with finishing it :)

Maggie Ann said...

Gina, what an undertaking and how much you have done. Something that will be treasured!! Its a very handsome and striking piece of work. I assume it was charted from a real painting..it looks real.

AnneS said...

Good luck getting your UFO done - he's just gorgeous, and definitely worth the effort :)