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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Good old England forever...and the best linen on earth!

Four parcels arrived in the mail today, but one was for Ken :-( The three that were for me were of course eBay wins, two of which were from the U.K. The Crinoline Lady tablecloth and tray cloth are from one person, and the WW1 postcard from another. The other parcel was from N.S.W. here in Oz - also an eBay win. This parcel contained five aprons - three half and two full, all lovely in their own way, but one in particular is the reason I bid for them (the auction was for the five in one lot). It is a delightful scene of a dog looking at a cat, which is sitting in a window, looking out onto a garden. Unfortunately, too big to scan, so until I get going with that 'dratted' camera, a pic will have to wait.
So what am I waiting on now? One more crinoline lady cloth is on the way from the U.K., and I have bid on a couple more items, while watching some more. Thank you everyone who has commented here, it makes it worthwhile continuing to do this. Thank you also for the compliments re my gift for my S.I.L. She did like it, I think...she is not a very demonstrative person in some ways, but she seemed to like it when she opened the parcel. See Patra's Other Place to read about her birthday gift to me..


Juanita - aka flosslady said...

Thanks for sharing pics of your lovely linen collection. I'm curious though... how do you display them?

Lee-ann said...

Gina, your new pictures are just lovely. I have my grandmothers apons and they are so nice to wear when I make the home made pasties that are from her recipe book all just fits together well. anyway I will eamil you soon about your lovely email I got from you and have a chat I have a bad cough at the moment and sit here for just a moment or two before going off on another coughing fit! o! well I catch it all at the moment. see you about again soon

Isabelle said...

Hello Gina,

More lovely pictures.
Thanks for your comments on my garden! I'm fascinated by your reply to my comment the other day -you say your house is 16 squares. What does that mean? Very mysterious!

Maggie Ann said...

How exciting it must be to keep adding to your wonderful collection!

Gina E. said...

Hi Flosslady, somebody else asked the same question a few posts ago, so I have cut and pasted my reply here for you: Our house is not really big by some standards (16 squares, compared to most houses around us which average 20 squares and more), but we have four bedrooms, one of which I have claimed for myself to store and display my collection. I hang all the cloths and aprons in the wardrobe, and the smaller items are in drawers in a tallboy/chest of drawers. I always wash and iron everything before I put them away, but I haven't got any acid free paper. I know I should but I just haven't got around to finding any.
Isabelle, a square is a measurement in building terms here. I don't know how much it actually is, I guess I should look it up on the Internet so I can explain! It must be just an Australian term, if you haven't heard of it.
Maggie, yes I do get excited every time something arrives in the mail, or I find a special piece in a shop somewhere.