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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Dickel Lace, right side. Two kinds of tape are tacked to the blue material; I have left one piece loose here to show what it looks like. It is the tape in place under the red cotton tacking. The grey pattern is the outline design printed on the blue fabric, where the tape is tacked prior to crocheting.
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chaya said...

Above and below the "Dickel Lace", what is the wording? Also, is there an original price there?
I love a good mystery.

Pam Kellogg said...

Hi Gina,

Try this link:


It's a list of Lace Guilds in Australia. Maybe one of them can help you. I had a link to a site on identifying various types of lace but it appears to have disappeared. Hopefully you'll find someone at a guild who can help you. I've never seen anything like it!

Barbara said...

I presume you got my earlier comment. No crocheting needed, so no excuse for not finishing!

Gina E. said...

Hi ladies, thank you all for your feedback. Chaya the words are:
Pattern No.141
Dickel Lace
4 yds narrow braid and 14 yards thin braid.
Price 6/11d
Thanks to Barb at Woof Nanny, who supplied this information from Pat Earnshaw's Book "Needlemade Lace">
Dichtl/Dickel is a thick braid curved into sinuous contortions forming an abstract design. The braids are linked by heavy buttonhole-stitched bars. There are seldom any filling stitches.

sunshine said...

That fat skinny cord is know as rice cord or and coronation cord. The people are right this is tape lace not Dickel lace. Dickel lace is the name of the company that made the pattern not the name of the lace. It is a variation of battenberg. If it is being crocheted that make since as battenberg is similar in some ways to Irish crochet but not much. This really should be sewn with needle filling stitches not crochet but if it was started that way finish it hat way.