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Saturday, January 07, 2006

One completed cross stitch card and some new eBay wins.

I am in a couple of MSN cross stitch groups, who have activities such as round robins and various exchanges, one of which is a birthday card exchange. We start the year with a list of people who want to participate. The list has the names and addresses, and birthday of each person. We all commit to sending a hand made card (paper or stitched) to each girl on her birthday, so we each receive a dozen or more of these lovely cards when our turn comes. The lady I did this one for is a fairly new member of the group, and I don't know her interests, so I chose this little pergola design from one of my mini motif charts. Cute?
I received a couple of eBay wins today, one of which is the crinoline lady unfinished doiley. I can't resist small UFOs like this; the stitching that is already done has been done using one strand, and is very fine. I will have my work cut out if I am going to match this standard! The other items I received today are both whitework, and didn't scan well, so I haven't included a pic. Instead, I scanned a set of items that I got a few weeks ago. I just love this set! How would you feel, having this presented to you on a tray in the morning? Tray cloth, along with matching tea cosy, egg cosy and a wee pocket for a slice of toast! Did people really use these things on a day to day basis, or just special occasions like Mother's Day or birthdays?


AnneS said...

Sorry Gina, I thought I'd left my email address as part of my comment on my blog ... obviously forgot - my email addy is shakatak at iinet dot net dot au. Just replace the "at" with "@" and the dot with "." - to be honest, with my rubbish shifts, the easiest way to get hold of me is by email - that's the only thing I check every day :)

Vintage Gal said...

Hi Patra! This is Sher from over on Old Crow Farm. I have enjoyed seeing your gorgeous vintage linen so much I have decided to start a Blog of my own showing mine off..You had a lot to do with this decision when you wanted to see more picures of my shop! HA You can now see it at:http://vintagememoriesks.blogspot.com/
Please keep posting more pictures of your gorgeous stuff! Hugs, Sher

Gina E. said...

Thanks Anne - I was beginning to think I had B.O.! I will email you shortly with my contact number.
Sher: I am delighted to hear I have motivated you to put your vintage linen on a blog. I don't know many other people who collect it with the passion that I do, so I am greatly looking forward to see what you have!