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Saturday, January 21, 2006

I don't usually buy machine embroidered work, as it is not my area of expertise or interest. But the lady who had the other cloth on eBay also had this one listed, and I just couldn't resist bidding for it...well for $12.50, wouldn't you?
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I have been sitting here drooling over all this gorgeous linen you have been buying Patra!!! I can't wait to see more! Also, how about a snap shot of your next dinner party when you use it? It must look wonderful! Hugs, Sher P.S. I have had to change my vintage Blog because I couldn't find the dashboard for it. I'm now called:Vintage Memories of Mine at http://vintagememoriesofmine.blogspot.com/

ms*robyn said...

I have just finished looking at the scanned pictures. Lovely stuff, Gina !

Maggie Ann said...

Thanks for the nice compliments on my teapot and roses stained glass piece. That was sweet of you. And, of course I love this piece of embroidery....sure I would have grabbed it too...smile.